Maybe you’ve already heard of Richard Cloward, and Frances Piven? Maybe you already know their reported political strategy—now being used by destructive Democrats. On the border. In the mass-media. In the scripted, fake “reality” their propaganda juggernaut spins around us.

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They only show you what they permit you to see. A made-up, show biz “reality” they custom-weave for you—like in that movie, The Matrix.

I have it that the Cloward-Piven Strategy is being silently co-opted by socialist and Bolshevik Democrats everywhere.

I have it that the strategy will ultimately lead to some sort of Democrat “National System,” such as communism.

No Big Deal, am I right? Everybody sees it coming straight for us on rails, am I right? Yup: goodbye democracy; hello Totalitarian Democrat Rule.

What really peeves a lot of us older “folks,” is that this slaughter of America and American Traditions is taking place in dead silence. It bothers us that Truth, Justice, and the American Way, are being slaughtered in front of a traitorous, lying Enemy Of The People—the silent media.

The so-called, “news” media is silent amid the slaughter. Immobile amid the blood. Insensitive to the obliteration of America, Trump, Conservatism, and Conservative Americans. The Cloward-Piven Strategy goes unmentioned—it’s the silence of the slaughter that’s unnerving.

A totally-insane mass media has gone silent on things it doesn’t want you to know.

The Democrat mass-media slavers and spits and twerks—reporting Democrat Distractions and distractions and distractions. And reporting some distractions the media creates itself. Instead of reporting true news, the so-called, “MSM” does not seem to ever stop lying.

They never stop trying to “get” Donald Trump, by any means necessary. They never stop inventing fake stories to make their “case,” by any means necessary. They never seem to care one damn about real Americans and the real America, and they worship and promote the foreign invader—by any means necessary.

They just awarded free tuition to illegals and foreign invaders, but voted it down for surviving children of dead USA armed forces members. Figure that one out. What is this worship of illegals?

It’s Democrat votes. Democrat voters. People who come from already totalitarian, or socialist, communist type countries.

If a Mexican or South American kills, rapes, steals, or is otherwise violent—it is a non-story. If a Muslim or Islamist kills, rapes, steals, or is otherwise violent—it is a non story.

Or the Muslim was a “lone wolf,” or “mentally disturbed, but there’s no known motive and no Islam here,” we are told.

The so-called “mass media,” can’t even settle on a central theme. Every day brings a dozen new insanities—bizarre acts, crazy stories, and unprovable accusations. All of this performance “art” is done in the name of destroying Trump and America. It’s performed to insinuate, enable, and institute Democrat, Totalitarian Rule.

Via Communism.

The mass-media is silent amid the slaughter and blood brought by their unreported Brave New World. A world of iron-clawed, minority rule; of death, murder, ruin, destruction by firestorm, by a tornadic social media, by money-laundering, bribery, racism—and by the worst politics. By Democrat lies and lunacy.

America is under attack by politicians and their enforcers. And the youngest among them are on board.

Older People remember a Golden Age. But “new Americans” —and their seeming newest gods, and leaders— can only fantasize.

They dream—of “Evil in an America which was Never Great.

And all this while, the Brave New Media is silent. They say nothing. They know nothing. They see nothing. They hear nothing.


Ah! But—you see—they Do Know better.

They really do. They keep silent about the Truth—things they hide from you. In the case of Cloward-Piven, the strategy is all written down to be read. And reported. But the media is silent about it. They hide it from you.

In my opinion, a god-cursed media and supplicant “journalists” are closing in on a special Hell of their own creation. They have voluntarily already entered some other dimension—one of lies, censorship, political demons, and self-promotion. A nightmare world of chaos, blaring noise, and twisted landscapes.

Except—now they can never leave. They can never lose the patina of acquired scum. Like murderers—their crimes will follow them everywhere, to the ends of the world, to the last places, and for all time.

The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven…in order to precipitate a crisisthat would lead to… a national system….

…Cloward and Piven’s article is focused on forcing the Democratic Party…to take federal action… [in order to] produce bureaucratic disruption in welfare agencies and fiscal disruption in local and state governments that would: …deepen existing divisions… [between] the remaining white middle class, the working-class ethnic groups and the growing minority poor….

…a national Democratic administration would [thereby] be constrained to advance a…[communist] solution….



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