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Muslim migrant, convicted rapist, back on streets after plane passengers stopped his deportation

The latest chapter in the ongoing chronicle of a civilization in steep decline, a nation with a suicidal political and media class, eagerly acting out its death wish.


“Plane mutiny rapist is back on our streets: Convicted Somalian is living in England as lawyers fight his extradition,” by Mark Hookham, Mail On Sunday, April 14, 2019:

A rapist whose deportation was halted when airline passengers staged a mutiny is back on the streets after being released on bail, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Yaqub Ahmed, who should have been deported to his native Somalia last October, was released on bail four weeks ago. He is now living in the North West as his legal team continue to fight his deportation.

Ahmed, 29, was convicted and jailed with three other men for the sickening gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in 2007.



IN MY OPINION, IT SEEMS TO ME, that Muslims—and especially militant Muslims—appear to “get away” with almost anything they pull.

“Western society” seems self-committed to lethal invasion and suicide.

Where Islam and Muslims are concerned, western society turns backflips of permissiveness, of protection, and allowance of almost anything done in the name of Islam, Allah, Muslims, and blood human sacrifice.

And one halal concept to rule them all.

Bacon, hotdogs, sausage, beer, wine, national flags, Christians, Jews, freedom, democrasy, USA-American traditions, Buddhists, Hindus, and puppy-dogs are being eliminated from Earth. This is carried out by a questing, winning brand of Islam— in power since the 7th Century. Soon we Infidels shall all “know better,” from our “Betters,” or be ruled or dead.

Islam, Muslims, and their Holy Sharia Law now seemingly infiltrate almost every cranny of power and influence—gnawing away at government, law enforcement, the military, schools, religions, homes, lawyers, beloved institutions, our brains, the streets, kitchens, Masons, women, and restaurants. Among Other.




Islamists have their own power-wielders and protective organizations. Their own dungeon-masters and shakers. Their own social media moguls, news anchors, movie stars, celebrities, athletic kneelers, and foreign billioniares.

They self-protect, and they have many “useful fools” waiting to assist their every movement. Every uncoiling of what’s proving to be a vast Muslim reach. Deep into the heart of America, Europe, and the cojones of Earth Itself.


“Western society” is now programmed by its own leaders and rulers to accept this so-called, “religion.” In my opinion, this is because Liberal Western Society politicians are totally insane for votes. They are delirious over the fascist, communist idea of one Planet, and One Rule.

They hunger for Totalitarian Rule; by them. They lust for a return of serfdom—with you as slave, and them as Lord. To this end, they are enamored of Islam. “The Religion of Peace” has a lot of potential voters—1.6 BILLION.

All liberal Democrat leaders and politicians drool and wet their thongs and undies over this prospect of new voters—for them.

In my opinion, they see Islam and Muslims as usable— as militant, violent, and feared. Capable of taking over a world —Earth.

Then—they think—all that the western elitists have to do is step back in and take over.

Map Of Muslim Countries Shown In Green—Not counting France, UK, Sweden, Europe, etc. Israel Shown In Red. – themuslimtimesdotinfodotcom.files.wordpress.com

To Islamists—Islam is capable of eliminating all opposition. They can do this by fear, violence, intimidation, or murder. And capable of organizing remaining masses into down-stomped slaves under the iron boot of Islam, Allah, and Shariah Law.

It’s believed Muslims can manage Earth. You know—the same way they manage—let’s say—their females. Or Christians anywhere in their vast empire. As virtual slaves. Comme les esclaves.

To me, and to many others—“the religion of peace,” seems a manifesto. A plan for militant world domination and rule. By Muslims and Islam.

No other will be permitted to survive.



Heidi says

By now all of us should have learned that sense is not common by looking at the state our countries are in. Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved society.

LB says

…the UK is more likely to reward him with a large sum of money for “mental sufferings” or some such, rather than actually take harsh measures against the rapist. Why? Because he’s a muslim. No other reason exists.


Yes. This is “Tolerance.”

By the West.

For an alien “religion” and deeds that western Judaeo-Christian roots have Nothing in common with.

A doomed clash.