THE LATE PLANET EARTH—Dissected, Analyzed, and Altered, By A Lying, Creeping, Alien Media.

“Reality” Is Anything They Say It Is.

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THE SO-CALLED, “MSM,” or “Mainstream Media,” has quadrupled-down on their already-failed coup d’etat.

And weirded into some Other-World, Alien Thing. Gone is the dire, accurate truth of original media—of news heroes and heroines, reporting what they actually see and hear. Reporting from the trenches. Reporting from the Front.

Now all we have are millionaire buffoons and liars. Overpaid creatures of the night with an ability to hypnotize and enthrall.

Bela Lugosi as, DRACULA, 1931

An ability to lead and mislead. To make you think whatever they want. To distort and eliminate Truth, Justice, and the American Way. To spin whatever “Reality” they will permit you to see. While hiding hidden hands that manipulate planetary events. Secret money organizations, cronies, cabals, and banks that dominate the Earth. That finance wars, water wells, food, philanthropy, political tricks, and entire National ways of life.

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The god-cursed media are in some other Dimension, where only They can See, and Rule, and Command—in their own, wolf-fart imagination.

Wolf farts are blasts of decayed offal, dead meat, carrion, used organs, mice, bugs, muddy roots, and other smelly sustenance consumed by violent death-dealers, to keep alive and consuming.

The so-called, “mass-media” has vested interests in the success of One-World—a New World Order—and the fake “equality” of Global Communism.

Foreign billionaires and trillionaires own the media and those supplicants writhing within it. Foreign money men direct and fund the mass media. The goal is simple: cheap labor, and an organized World of slaves. One world, one religion, and immense financial Profit. This—under Their, Elitist, One-World, Totalitarian Rule.

They now “report” whatever they want. Truth and facts don’t matter anymore. There’s so much made-up lies and brainwashing, it’s impossible to keep up.

They invent “Reality.” It’s a scripted “construct,” a Hollywood set—like in that movie.

“THE MATRIX,” 1999, Warner Brothers

They lie, spin, invent, twist, and omit the truth.

Omission is always a lie.

Devastated and debased by the “Mueller Report”—the already-insane media, its enablers, and enforcers—have gone totally psycho. The long-awaited and heralded Mueller Report is NOT what they expected or want. As with the blazing defeat of screaming-banshee Hillary Clinton—they did not get the results they expected.

Even the “Dirty Cop” Mueller, himself, has had no choice but to clear innocent Good Guy President Donald Trump of “obstruction” and of “collusion.”

But none of that matters to the zillionaire psychopaths, nailed defensively to their anchor-chairs. It doesn’t matter to Rachel, Jake, Chuck, Shep, and all the other cutely named purveyors.

None of it matters to prancing studio execs. None of it matters to sashaying Suburban Housewives— nor to other mental cases drooling for a Trump demise and perp-walk to prison.

None of it matters to world-wide Interests, Jihadists, Illegals, Elitists, Hidden Cabals, USA Democrats, politicians, and foreign billionaires, who lust for, and demand, the death of Trump, of Conservatism, and of all us—Conservatives. I hear them rolling boxcars meant for us into waiting areas.

HOWever—I think they’ll just have to wait their turn.

Because—and you read it here first—Donald Trump NOW HAS TO make a move.

Trump has no choice other than to go after, arrest, and destroy some of these lying basterds. I mean, like—what? He’s supposed to take all this crap? He’s supposed to ignore it? Suck it up? Live it and Love it?

No, no, no, nooo….

Donald Trump has NO choice.

The President of the United States of America—by definition—HAS TO crush the attempted coup. He has to set an example. He has to root out the wannabe “secret cabalists.” He has to mount figurative heads on pikes—visible on the castle parapet.

Trump stands at a crossroad.

Donald Trump MUST assert himself —THIS— is the violence of Reality.

Donald J. Trump’s Moe Green Moment has arrived.