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The USA “news” media (MSM), reportedly covers up and omits NEGATIVE “news” of Muslims, of Muslim Jihad, Muslim Shariah Law, and Koranic instructions to kill or co-opt all Infidels. The liberal, Islamist, mass-media—protected by the American First Amendment—do not always report these things. They will omit these things.

“Omission,” is just another form of lying.

You are not allowed to know certain omitted things. You are not permitted to know the Truth. You are property of Democrats and their lap-dog mass-media. You are herded and culled—like farm animals. You can know only what they tell you. You can do only what they allow. Like animals.

In my opinion, the “world” of Liberalism seems insane. We are on a planet—Earth—where Islam has seemingly infiltrated government, American laws,  and tradition.

Rockwell, Thanksgiving.jpg
Norman Rockwell’s, THANKSGIVING – Depicting Declared “Enemies” of the Democrat Left

Liberal, so-called, “Jewish” organizations, Democrat politicians, and the Pope Himself, seem to do the same dirty thing. Cover and protect. Shield potential or confirmed murderers. Protect and support Jihadist Islamic support, itself. Shield those who advance Jihad, violence, and militant Islam, or a murderous Shariah Law.

This results in furthering the myth of “Islamophobia.” It shifts blame and intent off of Islam and the “Holy” Koran’s stated goal—which seems to be co-option or extermination of all Christians, Jews, and all other non-Muslims.

How liberal Jews and the Pope can possibly be dumb enough, or blind enough to support this garbage is beyond me. The fact must be, they are Not that “dumb.”

“Te amo, hombre.” – “أنت مجنون معتوه القديم.” – cdn2.img.sputniknews.com

I am not dumb enough. I am not stupid enough. And neither are You.

It doesn’t seem to matter to these liars and omitters of information, that the names and locations of Muslim Jihad muder-targets remain secret.

USA citizens are Not told how Muslim Islamist Jihadi had targeted them and were foiled. They are not told how close they may have come to Death By Muslim.

They are therefore not allowed to drop any unwarranted liberal support and protection of Islam.

No. Unadvised potential victims are not told. This information is covered up or omitted by the MSM, by liberals, by politicians, and by apologists for Islam.


The only ones shouting about it are Muslims themselves—but they are reportedly not reported on. 

Or—they are termed “mentally ill.” Nothing here to do with Islam. Move on.

“No,” we are instructed. It wasn’t Holy Islam, which is THE Stated Religion Of Peace. The ONE Religion Of Peace, according to the lying Islamist George Bush.


No—it was all, like, the Evil Trump and, “right wing extremist violence.” Conservatives and Israelis and Jews—they did it. Whatever it was.

Always them.

Never Muslims, Islam, Shariah, or the Holy Koran. No. They look, feel, and smell just like fresh milk.

…the ADL released a report that ignored Muslim violence against Jews. “Right-Wing Extremist Violence is Our Biggest Threat. The Numbers Don’t Lie,” ADL boss Jonathan Greenbatt had declared.

Three synagogue terror plots in three months would suggest that Greenblatt’s numbers are lying.

Last year, there was a similar cluster, not of attack plots, but of incitement to violence.

In December 2017, an Imam in New Jersey had been caught preaching of the Jews, “Count them one by one, and kill them down to the very last one. Do not leave a single one on the face of the Earth.”

In February 2018, an Imam in Texas had urged fighting the Jews and a Syrian refugee Imam in North Carolina had recited a hadith calling for the extermination of the Jews, “We will fight those Jews until the rocks and the trees will speak: ‘Oh Muslim, this is a Jew behind me.’”

The geographic diversity of these calls to violence in mosques from New Jersey to North Carolina to Texas, echoed the diversity of the latest Islamic terror plots in Montana, Georgia and Ohio. There is no particular reason to think that the three terrorists were influenced by imams from other states. What these numbers reveal is the incredible scope and range of Islamic anti-Semitism and violence in America.

In recent weeks, the conversation around Islamic anti-Semitism has involved Rep. Ilhan Omar. Like the various imams and terrorists, the newly elected politician reveals the diversity of Islamic anti-Semitism.


What unites Muslim anti-Semites in America isn’t geography or culture. It isn’t a local Jewish population. Instead, as we saw in last year’s rash of mosque anti-Semitism, it’s the religious teachings of Islam….

…To the three Muslim synagogue terror plotters, anti-Semitism was a fundamental component of their religious and political values. Killing Jews was as natural to them as attacking government buildings…..

…The names of the target synagogues have conveniently remained buried and their congregants have been kept in the dark. Men and women who might have died this year will go on supporting the policies of their killers. And the fact that three Islamic terror plots targeting synagogues emerged in the space of a few months will never reach their ears, their eyes, their minds, or their hearts…..