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I HAVE BEEN WATCHING VIDEOS and seen too often this same sort of crazy disrespect and violence toward police officers going about their jobs caringly and in a non-violent manner.

So. Why would the same sort of insane violence not be expected to happen to every day citizens? Especially to a half-crippled, defenseless, old man?

I mean—WHO does this sort of thing? WHO pushes an old man violently out and down bus steps? WHAT sort of person is that?

This story—and those of the police I cited previously—speak for themselves. In my living memory—having been born during World War II—I can recall NOTHING like the current hatred poisoning America.

I don’t recall ANYthing like this happening in my lifetime—not as a constant occurrence, such as the “knock out game,” violence toward police, and other insanity coddled and covered up by a Leftist, USA Media and politicians.

Further—I got this story from an overseas publication. I got it from a foreign source that reported it. I did not get it from USA Media, and that just makes it worse. Much worse.

I remember America’s Golden Age. It was a time when we had just won the greatest war of all and were proud and free; it was a time of “Can Do;” pre-school children could play outdoors all day; drugs were something unheard of; a time when you could freely transit or walk through ANY neighborhood in America without fear; when you knew which toilet you were allowed to pee in; when everyone seemed to know who they were and took care of each other.

And more.

And So-On.

But it’s all gone now. It’s over.

It’s finished. And those of you who never knew our Golden Age—you never will.

Harrowing footage has been released by police showing a 74-year-old man being shoved off a bus so hard he eventually died.

Serge Fournier was reportedly telling a fellow passenger on the bus to be politer to others when he was pushed by a woman, landing head first on the pavement.

The woman, Cadesha Michelle Bishop, is facing a murder charge for the fatal shove on March 21 this year in Las Vegas.

On April 23 his death was ruled as a homicide by the county coroner.

He had clung on severely injured in hospital for a month before succumbing to his injuries.


Serge Fournier—dead. i.dailymail.co.uk

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