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It’s almost pointless to try and counter every lie or piece of bull-splat the lunatic Democrats put out these days. They have departed Planet Earth—spinning and spewing insane propaganda from some other world of their own creation. They are finally committing the Liberal Civil War.

We don’t even need one of these detectors, because if Democrat lips are moving, it’s a….


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President Trump is on the front lines of the Democrat Civil War practically alone. Only a handful of senators and congressmen seem to be defending him.

There’s no reason to scream, “MOLON LABE!” Or LOCK AND LOAD!” Or any of those Minute Man “Comments,” one sees online.

This only identifies you to the Enemy. They pray for a shooting war so they can finally “get” us Conservatives killed or behind bars. Because whoever is President and holds the Power at such time, will put down ANY armed insurrection. They would have to—unless leading it.

For me what we have here is a simple failure to communicate.

What we have is an argument for absolute Term Limits. For all of them. If it were up to me I wouldn’t give any of these legalized ghouls more than a 5 year term, with no re-election possible.

Further, they would not be allowed to “lobby” anybody. Ever. Not no how.

Insider trading and becoming a millionaire “over night” would be outlawed. Anybody caught engaging in financial shenanigans—a la Biden & Son, or the Clintons—would be fired and escorted off-premises the same day.

Anybody convicted of spying, staging a coup, or leaking National secrets could maybe meet a firing squad— the same day?

In fact, could it be done in a hallway, an empty room, or a parking lot?


Like the US Army did it in World War II.



England sometimes shot their spies sitting down. More civilized?

The Chair In Which Josef Jakobs Was Seated When He Was Executed By Firing Squad – 2.bp.blogspot.com


The French didn’t forget how to shoot spies either.



Only when these snow-flake, cowardly liars in congress and the senate see that there will be consequences for their actions, will they stop. Brennan, Crapper, Homey, Clinton, and Nanny Lugosi will not stop until then.

Democrat leadership will continue to spew whatever lies flash into their ugly heads until Truth, Justice, and the American Way are rediscovered by the propagandized, loon, US Media.


There is maybe no other way.

And the American People?

They will do whatever they want.

No matter what happens.

But I personally think “too many” Democrats will just stay home on voting day, 2020.



* Oh…BTW—no—yeah—well, no, but yeah I’m not actually calling for mass executions 🙂

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