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“We The People.”

The truest people of America, those who revere the Founders, would not print lies about the Nation, the Nation’s patriots, or the Nation’s Sons. Neither would they try to hide behind lawful protections offered by the Founders of America in the First Amendment: Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of the Press.

The Daily Beast, the partisan digital media outlet that recently doxed an African-American working-class Trump supporter for creating a parody video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), is under fire for falsely reporting that President Donald Trump’s sons bailed on their drink tab at a pub in Ireland.

Donald Trump Jr. and younger brother Eric visited Igoe Inn Bar & Restaurant in Doonbeg, Ireland, during their father’s 5-day visit to Western Europe to meet the British royal family and attend the 75th anniversary of D-Day commemorative ceremonies.

According to the Irish Mirror, the Trump sons ordered a round of drinks for “ecstatic locals” and even “helped out by pulling the pints….”

…On Saturday, the Daily Beast published a report entitled, “Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Still Have Not Paid Irish Bar Tab,” in which it claimed that Don and Eric skipped out on the bill.

However, the Trump International Golf Links & Hotel, located in the small western village of Ireland, had actually arranged to pay the tab in its entirety.

Following the Daily Beast’s report, the Igoe Inn dispelled it as fake news:

“We have just had the most fantastic week in Doonbeg with the visit of the Trump family. I would like to clarify that The Igoe Inn was paid in full for the round of drinks that Eric & Don bought for our customers. We appreciate their business,” the statement read.

“We Do Not appreciate being misquoted,” it concluded….

…in a subsequent tweet directed at the Daily Beast’s editor-in-chief Noah Shachtman: “This [Beast] tweet was the definition of fake news. Where’s the apology @NoahShachtman? You don’t get to lie, destroy the evidence of your lies & not apologize. You’re not Hillary Clinton….”

…After taking a battering on social media, the Daily Beast finally conceded that its initial report was inaccurate, but failed to issue a correction for its reporting….



Publishing someone’s personal information (including but not limited to their address, phone number, and social security number) online as an act of vengeance. 

More and more people are finding themselves victims of doxxing, in which the personal details oftheir lives are exposed to the world.

Noah Shachtman , Editor of the Daily Beast, reportedly illegally, “doxed” somebody for disliking Nancy Lugosi. Also, he has told outright, blatant lies about the Trump family. It doesn’t matter if Shachtman belatedly, finally apologizes or not. The lie is already Out There.

The left’s Democrat, mad-dog base has already absorbed yet another lie about Trump, and nothing on Earth can ever make them deny it. That’s how they are: a slavering, out-of-control mob, just praying for the “next” bullshlt article about Trump, his family, or his policies.

They even speculate hatefully on what he may be thinking. It seems no exaggeration, no negative extravagance of description, and no lie can ever be great enough to stop or startle the rabid, Democrat Left.


The Left in America seems to exist for one reason only: to get Trump. To destroy him, lock him up, they say—or even kill him, they say. The Democrat Party doesn’t even seem to care anymore that this kind of talk could throw Trump the entire 2020 election.

The Left seems to have lost all reason; all logic; all reality; and all sense of right and wrong. The Democrat Party can’t seem to run Left fast enough or hard enough. It has literally exploded Left overnight. Democrats have galloped so far Left, so abruptly, that their own Leader, Nancy Lugosi, seems to have lost control.

Crap rags like the Beast—along with social Re-media, like YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter— are eradicating, canceling, suspending, and demonetizing Right Wing, patriotic news sites. They want to take away our Voices. And—in their over-reaching, public debacle—they are succeeding.

This is history, and you can’t change it, no matter how hard you try and lie – cdn.history.com/sites
COMPUTER RECONSTRUCTION: The Real Face Of A REAL LEADER: George Washington—thedreamercomic.com

I thank the Founders for inspiring Conservative views. I thank the Founders for tacitly encouraging conservative sites and writers; I thank the Founders for magnificent examples of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And—at a time where they would have been hung as traitors to England: I thank them for having pledged their lives, their fates, and sacred honor.

Beast— in my opinionby comparison: you and your silicon ilk are infantile, destructive, and wanton.

You are all members of a lunatic alliance of opposition—and are enemies of the people.

I can dream one day someone will add, “Take them away!”