When are we going to stop playing around with these people?


Some bring crime. Some bring diseases we eradicated. They bring drugs, violence, murder, and weapons.

Some illegals storming our borders loved their home countries so much they carried celebratory flags.

Some bear Nationally proud facial tattoos—jailhouse made.

Others from “distant lands” seem more verbally oriented—although reported illiterate in their own language. These “talkers” can’t seem to shut up about the glories and wonders of their home countries. Or, “Great Mexico.” I see them on TV, in the news, on YouTube, and in Congress.

I’ll say it: if they love their home countries and/or Mexico so much, why not send them the hell back?

At least, they could try and make their “wonderful” countries into places where they might want to stay, and live, and work—made into a better place to be.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a Mexican national with a history of immigration violations for allegedly carrying a Molotov cocktail as he crossed the boundary near Roma, Texas.

Border Patrol agents working near Roma came upon a Mexican national who had allegedly crossed illegally from his home country. Agents found the 53-year-old man hiding in the brush with a “homemade gasoline bomb,” Valley Central CBS4 reported this week….



It’s obvious democrats want these “folks” in America—at any cost. Democrats don’t care what crimes are committed by what they call “sacred” people, or who is murdered. This is because illegals vote.

They vote for democrats. They vote illegally—but they vote.

And democrats will “harvest” a vote wherever it is found. It could be found between diseased, infected, oozing lips of a Joe Biden, or a Rashid Tlaib—an Ilhan Omar, or an Ocasio-Cortez—and democrats would “harvest” that vote and use it. It wouldn’t matter where it came from.

That sounds so biological, wet, and just wrong —“harvest.”

HARVEST: to remove or extract something…such as living cells, tissues, or organs…from a living or recently deceased body, especially for transplanting.

Democrats remind me of spiders. Or, reptiles, or viruses. They are Appetite. They consume anything near them. The only reason they exist—it seems to me—is to destroy, kill, and “harvest.”

…Garcia’s mugshot reveals a heavily tattooed man with “Mexico” emblazoned across his stomach.

KRGV reported the device to be a “Molotov cocktail.” The report indicates the Mexican national is being held on an immigration violation and a charge of possession of a prohibited weapon. No one was hurt during the arrest, officials stated.


The USA Border Patrol is arresting everybody they find —yes.

And then they RELEASE them.

Who are they stopping? We are swarmed by illegals, cartels, crime, criminals, disease vectors—diseases, and all.


Early syphilis.

TRump can’t act against this crisis. He is blocked at every turn by the mad-dog democrats and their hired “judges.”

But Trump can use this crisis—to run on. He can use illegals flooding America—in order to stop it as President in 2020.

If the human waves were stopped tomorrow, Trump has nothing exciting to run on. For instance, Americans can NOT concentrate tiny, drug and alcohol-weakened brains on fricking taxes!

Entertained minds that look forward to a next installment of THE VIEW, or, THE WALKING DEAD, cannot switch off their music or celebrities or iPhones or games long enough to learn the meaning of “Socialism,” and why they should fight it.


So Trump can use the issue. The question is: can he balance and juggle the World long enough to stay free, out of war, and get re-elected in 2020?

I don’t know.

We will have to wait, to see.

Sometimes I pray for solar-flare cascade. Or an asteroid strike.