LATELY I’VE BEEN WATCHING a bunch of science fiction short videos. That sounds innocent enough, right?


They are heavily infiltrated by environmentalist, socialist, communist, anti-white, anti-male, and anti-American propaganda. Like everything else.

It’s subtle—smoothly done, and attractively packaged. You may not even know you’re having your brain washed by it.

These pieces usually begin with some auditory or visual trick. At the opening you may be ensnared by strange sounds, noises, or some sort of compelling computer-screen scrolling readout.

You may hear panicked voices in the background—at a just-recognizable level. Or you may see dire warnings of imminent “Collision” or “Explosion,” or “Contact,” etc., on the screens—usually in flashing red. Sometimes accompanied by a warning siren.

Maybe the Star People are finally coming to save Humankind. Something many seem to long for. A trick to capture and bend your brain.

Or—you may be exposed to some sort of attractive character with exaggerated secondary sexual characteristics. This could be male, female, gay, lesbian, or What have you. But, there is usually some sort of dark sexuality depicted.

Are you getting the picture? These mind-tricks and special mental effects are to rope you in—to grab your mind. To put your mind at a point congruent with the writer’s own views, opinions, or feelings. That’s what a story is. That’s what it does.

Your thoughts are not your own. They become someone else’s thoughts.

Sure, sure, these are important elements of any good writing: get the viewer’s attention, and pull them into the story. I get that.

However, these short video stories I’m talking about here—they almost always contain a “Message.” They almost never resolve or reach a conclusion.

Most of the time they deal with some open-ended, dystopian version of a climate or ecosystem gone wild—due to the stupidity, greed,  or excess of white, toxically-dominant males.

”What the hell is ‘dystopia?’”





1. An imaginary place or state in which the condition of life is extremely bad, as from deprivation,oppression, or terror.

2. An imaginary society in which social or technological trends have culminated in a greatlydiminished quality of life or degradation of values.

Compare Utopia.


Ergo, the opposite of dystopia would appear to be “utopia,” or some candyass, unicorn, socialist, communist wet dream of “perfecting” Humanity. With democrats in charge forever.

One of these pieces I watched, I had seen several times before. It is one of seventeen animated, technicolor, versions of SUPERMAN—the very first—produced by Fleischer Studios in 1941, and released by Paramount.

Since 1969, the franchise (DC Comics) has been owned by Warner Brothers (called, “The WB!” For you hipsters and millennials).

I am familiar with the opening narration. I believe it should say, ““The never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way.

But it doesn’t.

IMDB, also—to me—seems to fail in quoting the complete phrase ( “…The American Way,” ) and, instead, quotes, “…never-ending battle for truth and justice, Superman….”

The opening narration of the first animated, Technicolor version sounds edited to me. It just CLIPS OFF at the word, “Justice.”

I believe “The American Way” has been scrubbed from the Internet, in as many places as interested and motivated parties can find it.

It was even left out of a recent movie, where, Jackie Cooper, playing Perry White, says something candyass, like, “…Truth, Justice—all that stuff.”

Jackie Cooper’s actual quote seems to me, un-findable on the Internet. But I remember what he said, “all that stuff.” He did not, say, “The American Way.”

…Superman who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

As quaint as it now sounds, Americans from all walks of life cheered and approved of this warrior for “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” Americans believed in America. They saw it, flaws and all, as a source of truth and justice in its distinctly American Way.  In schools public and private students daily pledged “allegiance to the American Flag and to the republic for which it stands.”  In history and government classes a sense of pride was instilled and the American Way was seen as valuable, meaningful and absolutely worth defending.  America was to them the difference maker that had for the second time in a half century defended the world against unspeakable tyranny and oppression.  Americans were rightfully proud of their country.

A new generation of Americans no longer takes pride in the uniqueness and greatness of their nation. Many Americans dwell on early flaws that America has overcome rather than the freedoms and opportunities that have made it the marvel of the world. The “American Dream,” aspired to by people from all parts of the world is held in contempt by so many who have enjoyed it as a birthright.  A politician running for the presidency of the United States, a politician who has enjoyed all of America’s blessings and freedoms, expects to win election by saying things like, “America never was all that great.” American citizens cheer such disparagement of the American Way of which their parents and grandparents were so rightfully proud.


Getting back to those sci-fi shorts—I watched another one last night. It was called “EDEN.”

In these videos about Eden Adam and Eve are NEVER—to my knowledge—depicted as anything other that WHITE EUROPEANS.


Anyways…in this video. I was told (taught) that it was actually Adam who had transgressed God, and who first tasted the apple—not Eve.  

It was ADAM, who then later tempted Eve toward tasting the apple. The forbidden fruit from the Tree Of Knowledge.

Male toxicity, dominance, evil, and white privilege?

Male Bad.

Female Good.