WELL…I don’t find any of this leftwing stuff (below)—at least, not specifically spelled out—not in the Declaration of Independence.

Maybe it’s “hidden in the penumbra,” like so many other things the dems’ lust for?

Rosie O’Donnell attended one of the many far-left vigils across the country Friday night, protesting migrant shelters and amping up fellow activists to “take the fascist out of the White House.”

O’Donnell spoke at the vigil in New York City Friday night, asking the crowd to “look around” and see what “America stands for.”

“The signs are beautiful. The sentiment here is beautiful. Don’t forget people. Look around.

This is who we are,” she said.

This is what America stands for. All colors all shapes all sizes, all nationalities, sexualities, genders, transgender.”


Kids, these “folks” are not to be discounted. You can laugh and poke and call them names. But never forget: they have power, money, organization, several military wings—and they vote. They vote leftist, communist, and democrat-ist.

And they damn near took the Presidency last time. But they certainly took Congress this time. And they make us conserves pay for our mistake every single day. They censor us, shut us down, get us fired, call us names, ruin our futures, beat us up, and even try to kill some of us.

Maybe they’ve even managed to murder a few, I don’t know.

WHO gave them all this power? WHO made them kings and queens of “social media?” WHO put them in charge of Earth? WHO sanctified and holy-fied their perversion, religions of blood, and their gods and godlings of death?


You sanctified their utterances. Their whims. Their lies. Their fake Reality.

YOU gave them the might, power, and “credence,” of imagined, DC Superheroes in so-called, Social Media. YOU accepted them.

YOU made holy their power, their influence, wealth, and their reach across the Earth.

It was You.

“It was you…” – ON THE WATERFRONT (1954)

It was you who made them prominent. It was you who let them win. It was you who elected and empowered them.

It is you who now sit—some of you—with your thumbs stuck up your orifices, waiting to be lied to, snowed, enslaved, silenced, and communistically “made equal.”

It is you who stand by and watch democrats lie, co-opt, and attempt to rule the world.

Because you forget who you are. You forget you are Americans. You forget you are heirs to the glory of Daniel Boone, to Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea—to US Marshal Bass Reeves, David Crockett, Betsy Ross, Amelia Earhart, Molly Pitcher, and every pioneer who ever lived and moved forward in America.

THEM! Don’t forget, kids: they—democrats, and drug-pushers—they vote.

“THEM!” (1954)

Them— they and their imported millions of foreign invaders will vote for WHOEVER the democrats nominate. They will vote in blocs of Jews, blocs of so-called “blacks,” Mexicans, Central Americans, South Americans, Africans, Muslims, suburban housewives, Hollywood celebs, mad-dog politicians, and anybody with a grudge, complaint, or whine.

The least you can do in 2020 is get out and VOTE for Donald Trump.

The least you can do in 2019 is send money to Elect Trump President—before they try to impeach him.

Don’t bother trying to “convert” a liberal: you can’t. They are voting for “their children.” Their mental and spiritual commitments. Their pet delusions. Their imagined realities. Their worlds of “equality,” where everyone is the same—equally low-down and equally impoverished.

Where “gay,” transgender, skin color, and hatred for all things Trump and Conservative rule the Planet— Earth.

Don’t let them steal the election in 2020.

Vote— Vote These Totalitarians Out Of Existence, In 2020.