When Trump states, “these people,” should go home and fix their own ‘shithole’ countries before criticizing America, he’s only saying what a lot of us are already thinking. What we have been thinking for a long time.

This is not a new idea. It’s been all over the Internet, in blogs, polite articles, cartoons, videos, and even song, for years. But by saying this “out loud,” Trump once again proves he’s a Past Master at leftist prong-pulling.

Trump gets these dumb democrats to attack him and call him names, like, “racist.”

First, “racist” is used so often by the Left that it has almost no meaning anymore.

Big fricking Deal—Nancy, Jake, Rashida, Rachel, Ilhan, and Sandi. Yeah—if you say so—okay, then, I’m your so-called, “racist.”

Second, by the Left calling Trump names—they call us names. Because he’s only saying what we are already thinking.

Third, what these effects achieve in tandem, is to drive the Trumpian Base even closer to EL Donaldo.

You stupid, stupid, Leftists: you can NEVER cut us off from Our Guy. 


Have you thought this through?

Had you dems approached this war you started, differently, you might be winning.

You’ve been at war with us conservatives for a hundred years. You were winning until you revealed your true, Communist faces. And your sick, demented, devastating plans for America The Beautiful.

“A little humility, rather than a surfeit of pride, might serve…better, but whatever….”

You call Our Guy, and us, names. Useless, weak, meaningless names—that nevertheless piss us off and make us relentlessly eager to get the hell out in 2020, and vote Republican.

We can hardly wait to kick your asses—and your hordes of illegal voters’ asses.

We can hardly wait to beat you unmercifully at the polls and hurl you into the maw of the Past, where you belong—with Marx, Engles, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Castro, Guevara, Khrushchev, Mao, Minh—and all the rest of the dead Commie Basterds.

Is Castro dead yet? I don’t know. If he’s not, I hope it’s, soon.


So: keep calling us names. Keep stacking up your heroes-of-the-moment, like Megan, Sandi, Ilhan, Rashid, the gay guy (whatever his name is), and Joe Hair Plugs.

Be sure to make fun of Donald’s hair—his own—but never Joe Biden’s phony hair plugs. It makes us “love” you even more. Be sure to call us names.

Be sure to pile up your freak-show clown-car of democrat candidates, and even more of your disgruntled, whining enablers. The ones who need to go back wherever the hell they came from and fix those countries, before they dare criticize America.

And we’ll see you at the polls in 2020.

(I’d quote some rap tunes at this point, but any language thereof, maybe criticizing the police, or Trump, or conservatives—it might be considered too obscene and offensive for Colin Kaepernick, Nike, Rob Reiner, Barbara Strident, Robert Duh Nero, or others like them.)