“…Bond…replaced…by this




There you have it kids. And you had better state and write IT everywhere—that this woman is


And, beautiful, and smart (liberals always say, “smart,”) and “it’s about damned time” that “a black woman is taking over as James Bond.”

Because if you don’t—you can be located by “social media,” fixed in place, mocked,  doxxed, physically attacked, destroyed, fired, thrown out of restaurants and Starbucks, and maybe even arrested or killed.

Personally speaking, in my opinion, she’s not “stunning.” Not to me.

"Captain Marvel European Gala" - Red Carpet Arrivals

For one thing, I like a different kind of leg.


These Women Are “Stunning”

These women are “stunning.” – DuckDuckGo.Com

This, from The Daily Beast:

…there has been a prolonged debate over whether current “Sexiest Man Alive” Idris Elba could or should replace Craig. In 2014, The Daily Beast broke the news that Amy Pascal, then-head of Sony Pictures Entertainment, wanted Elba to be the next Bond. And almost every interview or profile of Elba has seemed to renew the speculation….

…Bond is still Bond but he’s been replaced as 007 by this stunning woman,” they added.


I wonder: will Idris Elba—whom I never heard of outside this argument—be inserted as the new embodiment of a “modern,” hip, secret agent?

Will Miss Moneypenny become “Mr.” Moneypenny, as the character goes for an upgrade to transgender?

Will “Q” become a quadriplegic in a wheelchair who talks like a Stephen Hawking?

”M” has already been a woman. Will “M” now become a male Muslim Gay, wearing a full burka—whose face has never been seen?

Will the new Bond Car be solar-powered, or electric, and “green?”

The New “Green” Bond Car? – images.hgmsites.net

I’m asking: will the famed Bond, Astin Martin car be replaced by one of those tiny “smart cars?”

Or by a Google-commanded bicycle?

Or a pair of Colin Kaepernick Nikes?

Even worse—will embattled, CIA man Felix Leiter now be played by….



Because, kids, everything these dark days seems wrong to me, and to others.

In our opinion.

It’s not about James Bond, or “Black,” or “Gay.”

It’s about the Left.

Somehow, the left seems to have taken control of schools, “education,” social media, “entertainment,” sports, music, movies, TV, Non-Government-Organizations, parts of the US Government, and the Internet.

The left seems to Rule. Except for conservative media. And anything Donald Trump says, does, or even thinks.

And it keeps getting worse.

My hate mail has increased YUGELY in the past few months. The left apparently, now—since it took Congress—feels empowered; embattled; embedded.

Will we ever get rid of them and their twisted, made-up, Hollywood “Reality?”




Ww1.prweb.com, assets.nydailynews.com, abc,net.au

I don’t know.

Will there be an armed insurrection?

I don’t know.

Even if democrats lose the Presidential election in 2020, they will likely try to “harvest” it—steal it.

And they will never, ever, empathize with you, “have a conversation” with you, go away, or ever quit.

To them, another hundred years war in the name of One World Communism doesn’t matter.

Kids: you’re witnessing the Eternal Battle.

The battle between Light and Darkness.


The battle between Good and Evil.

It will never end.

So the only thing I see to be done, is….

…somehow, hold it in mortal checkmate.