I’ve just spent two hours reading articles and headlines, looking for something to write about. I’m stopping.

I’ve read the Big Guys, the Little Guys, just regular guys and gals—and, possibly, even some in-betweens, or whatever.

I’ve concluded that there is nothing really new to write about.

The only “news,” seems to be just more crazed, democrat bull crap. I’m tired of writing about their latest lies. All they do is flail and throw cow-splat at the wall. They seem to be looking for something that might stick.

I’m not polite anymore, anyway—because of Them— but it’s getting harder. Democrats and their phony, media-made-up, lying  “Reality.”

EL Donald is Teflon. NOTHING he might do, say, or think can ever separate us from him—because he’s just not that kind of person. Donald Trump is a good man, a righteous and clean man, a non-drinker, a non-drug user, a non-pervert, and a realistic human being.



Donald Trump is our champion against the Left—the Democrat Thousand Year Partie Of Darkness:



But, almost whatever I write lately comes out the same: the demented democrats have gone total, one-world, anti-Trump, and anti-Conservative. They want to enslave the world under Communism and One Self-Policing “Religion.”

While they Rule—in luxury, with their already, unlimited-seeming, free benefits.

You are the only thing that might stand in their way. So, what’s the message?

The Message Is This: democrats are really after YOU.

Right now, Trump is just the only one in their way.


Vote TRUMP, in 2020.