Hi, kids.

This is a note to let you know that if I do any more writing about democrat, liberal,  lies, cries, and bullsht—I’m finished trying to show I’m fair minded.

I will no longer go out of my way to state “fair-minded” views on gays, blacks, Muslims, women, so-called transgenders, Canadians, lesbians, socialists, communists, One Worlders and other Democrat basterds—or any Other-Whatever.

As I’ve said before, the time for politeness is long gone, and I may not be polite.


ALL, say they are equal or superior. ALL, say they demand respect. ALL, say they command obedience. And ALL,  say they merit extolment, esteem, honor, and privilege.

Okay. From now on, we are all in the same boat. Whether it sinks or floats is not up to me.

A pencil-arm geek is not the equal of an NFL fullback. An typical college moron is not the equal of Albert Einstein. A razor-thin ANTIFA slugger doesn’t come NEAR a US Army Ranger.

An open-borders, Green Deal, gun-grabbing democrat is not sane just because they hate Donald Trump.

We are all in the same boat. Not the same “village,” but the same world.

We all occupy the same Planet—Earth.

And—right now— there’s room for everyone.

But, in the end—at the very end of this voyage—human DNA will take over.

Human survival —human life— is the only thing that concerns whatever Force has created us. And only humans who are part of the Plan will survive.

The blue-print for human survival is necessarily encoded in our genes. It is unchanged. The Plan is forever.

And—in the end—the Plan will not be denied.

Side-trips into personality, sexuality, skin color, Power, Systems of government, and political “Gotcha,” don’t matter. They are temporary diversions—out of billions of years of evolving, change, alteration, and fitting the Plan.

Whatever fits the Plan, stays.

Whatever does not fit the Plan, leaves.

All of human “civilization” is less than one tiny particle of a lesser atom— lost —in endless Time, and Space.

ONLY Survival matters. What survives, lives. What does not survive, dies. Survival and death are not polite.