Impolite, And Brief

VIOLENT MASKED BLACKSHIRTS – conservativefiringline.com


Democrats are already acting so crazy, so wild, so out of control—how can they keep it up until November, 2020?

How can democrats possibly top themselves?

Charges against President Trump and Conservatives can only become darker, meaner, and more depraved. Democrat lies, obfuscations, omissions, and errors can only become deeper, more bizarre, and creepier.

The outrageous will become Outrage.

I know they already seem to have opened the lying, psychotic floodgates and pulled stops, but as the showman said, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

It will just keep getting worse, until it becomes all-but intolerable.

Yet—at some point even THEY will have to stop. I mean—they can’t claim Trump is sneaking out at night and murdering homeless veterans, blacks, suburban women, transgenders, and gays—and eating them!

Okay, so, maybe they CAN claim those insanities….

Child Screams In Terror, THEM (195)

…and they probably will. But at that height of ludicrous, only they and their supporters will believe it. Their enablers in the Media will spew it, and Hollywood celebrities will scream it. Democrat politicians and Deep State Operatives will swear it.

But it won’t become “fact-by-reptition,” as the high Nazi Joseph Geobbels called it.

…well, okay it might, a little.

But by the time election day comes, the cornered democrats will be so invested in victory, takedown, and smear, that THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD LOSING.

I’m sure they are already primed to try and steal the election of 2020 with hordes of illegal voters. With people in prison; Central Americans, Mexican Nationals, the democrat-chauffeured homeless; black blocs; Jewish blocs; liberal blocs. By socialistas, “progressives” and other commies—and, by every other dissatisfied whiner bloc on the Planet (Earth) that they can shoe-horn into the polls.

WORSE— if they feel they are losing, they might then unload their Military Arm—their masked and hooded Force.

If they disrupt the polling places, they could disrupt the election.

“This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.“ – ORANGE: A CLOCKWORK (1971) – berekeleyside.com – JAF IMAGES

This could then allow them to maybe scream: “Foul, Trump did it! Racism! White Nationalism, Conservatism,” and, even, “that’s ‘ism’- ism!”

Or whatever other insanity they pull out of orifices. They could screw the election to play for time—time to figure out how to steal the election.

Kids, if they lose, I don’t think they will go away quietly.

And if they somehow “win,” I don’t think THIS TIME, it will go unchallenged.

And this time—all sides seem armed to the gills.


So, vote—but….

“Be Prepared.”