Jeffrey A. Friedberg



…’Can We Please Catch Our Breath And Have Something Like Normal For Five Minutes, Please….

…Not only do I think that these candidates fail to offer up a realistic plan for the country, I also think they have no realistic plan for beating the president.

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No—you can’t, “Have something like normal….”

Not even “for five minutes….”

Because the democrat party is not normal. The democrat party has lost its way. It has lost its compass. It has lost its mind.

The democrat party has gone Full Left, to totalitarian socialism and—next stop—Marxists communism, a la a murdering Stalin.


This is not Switzerland. This is Soviet Russia—Beria, Malinkov, the KGB secret police, the Cold War, and hundreds of millions killed dead by communism Itself.

The democrat party used to say it was a party of “the little guy,” and a “champion of equality.”

…The Democratic Party of the past was the party of FDR, JFK, the New Deal and the Great Society.

The ‘new’ Democratic Party is the party of Wall Street, K Street and the military industrial complex.

The ‘new’ Democratic party is the party tax cuts for the superrich…programmatic cuts for the poor, endless corporate welfare that produced no jobs, imperial war and smarmy public relations campaigns that recall the memory of the old Democratic Party, while their policies resemble last year’s Republican Party. Bankruptcy

Joe Biden is your poster boy….

So what if Joe Biden is a plagiarist? So what if he makes secret deals with China? So what if he’s a set of phony hair plugs, false teeth, CooL Ray-Bans, Obama’s best pal, and “bounces and bounds along,” with delusional, make-believe “vigor?”

For chrissakes— Biden is already 76 years old!

BUT— if Biden is nominated—none of this will matter to democrat voters. They will vote for ANYbody who’s running against Donald Trump.


And there are millions of them. Including their hordes of illegals from Mexico, Central America, subsaharan Africa, Muslims, Jews, blacks, gays, convicts—and anybody else with a sour gripe or a disgusting whine— there are millions and millions of them.

Kids—democrats can win.

Their Nominee can be your President. You will receive the “gifts” of Open Borders, Boarders in your homes, Gun Grabbing At Your Door, Obamacare Used As A Weapon Against You, and—of course—ultimate communism for the masses. Except—not for your democrat Rulers.

Yet—if democrats see they can’t actually win the election “fair and square,” they will steal the election. They will “harvest” votes from whatever “closet” or “car-trunk” they can.

Illegals will be illegitimately found “legal enough” to vote; and to vote often. The dead shall walk—to the polls—and vote.

All of the above will vote.

VOTES—for all the crazy shlt they are talking about in their fake “debates.” All of the disease the panicked Media promise. All that the delusional leftist celebrities, “comedians,”  and Hollywood phonies drool to saddle you with.

If they see they can’t steal the election, they will disrupt the election. They will go for the old Ultra Violence:

Malcom McDowell, being violent, in, “A CLOCKWORK ORANGE” (1971)

Democrats will throw the USA and Americans into Limbo, so that chaos can Rule. And then—when things are at their worst—they can step into the shoes of a dictator. And “fix” that which they—themselves— created.

Except—nobody will listen to them this time.

Chaos will rule. Their own “folks” will kill anybody Who Is Not Them. They will kill each other. There will be death, disease, and cancellation of humanity.

There will be streams of blood in the street. There will be bodies in aisle 4. There will be nothing that is not overwhelmed by insatiable, unreasonable, criminal, democrat lust for Power.

And—kids—democrats can win.

You can’t stop them by hand; you can’t kill them; you can’t eat them—it’s illegal.

The LEAST thing you can do is—

—get out and vote.