Only some of us are born protectors of the herd. Only some of us feel the Call. Only some of us are “sheep-dogs.”

Every now and then a leader is born. One who feels the call. One who protects us all at any cost to themselves. One who loathes a cowardly murderer. One who loathes a skulking killer.

In this video that follows, former US Army Ranger, John Lovell, presents his case. I have watched Lovell in many other videos; he is a master professional.

When Lovell is in his briar-patch, his moves are sure, certain, and natural. He knows what he is doing. John Lovell is a master of protection—and all things human concomitant with it—like death, mayhem, and destruction.

It’s not legal to shoot liberals, stop them by hand, or to eat them.

However, with “cowardly murderers,” with “skulking killers of the innocent,” it can be another story.

A story maybe best told by John Lovell, Warrior Poet:


“Unbreakable” – M. Night Shyamalan