By “coalescing around red flag laws,” President Trump and the cowardly  Republicans can get in front of an insurmountable wave.

They can thereby take semi-control of it, and watch each party tie itself in knots—from now until maybe the Second Coming.

Red flag laws are not a bad idea.

Nobody wants these cowardly little bastards killing people. Restricting access by the mentally deranged to guns works for me.

Democrats will of course want to attach all manner of “common sense” bullsht to any such law.


“Jerry” Nadler (D-NY)

Democrats want a Communist take over of America. To do this they absolutely must somehow disarm America. Then, once this is accomplished, they will put you to work as “liberated” slaves.

They would rule Earth from sumptuous “dachas by the sea,” while you “enjoy” your new “equality.”

They would make all of us equally poor, equally ill, and equally in thrall  to their personal whims, personal aggrandizement, wealth, and personal power.

Even if all firearms are somehow confiscated; even if all gangs were somehow disarmed; even if all criminals were somehow deprived of guns, and even if all others were somehow made weaponless….

—then, would-be perpetrators could maybe turn to more “efficient” tools of death.

They could, for instance,  maybe co-opt explosives stored all over America in isolated shacks by logging companies. They could maybe knock over military or police and steal actual “weapons of war.”

—Not steal fake “weapons of war” and “assault rifles,”  that exist in the deranged minds of democrats, but— real “machine guns;” the makings of improvised explosive devices; and, they could use cooperating “moles,” deep inside the ruling Apparatus.

Such items of war and destruction would—anyway—also, probably, appear for sale in the streets, and on Craig’s list. Illegals and cartels could bring them in. Or maybe illegal aliens’ “relief” agencies.

Because the Republican Party seems incapable of fighting back, striking back, or even resisting democrats in the slightest: a new “party” might form.

A New conservative Party might—of necessity—subsume the old Republican party. What might come of that change—nobody can say.

What am I saying here? What is the lesson?

* By killing off cats during the Black Plague—erroneously thinking cats had caused the Plague—medieval Europeans made the Plague worse.

Because, the Black Plague was carried by fleas, which were carried by rats, which the cats could no longer kill— because all the cats were dead.

Likewise —trying to take guns from Americans could bring about unwanted changes. Some Democrats intellectually know this. But others react only to hormones and accompanying emotions.

Kids: always remember: it’s illegal to stop them by hand, shoot them, or eat them.

So, sit back and relax. Fasten your seatbelts.

I think it’s going to be a bumpy ride.