Impolite And To The Point.



One guy, battling enraged democrat candidates, and mad-dog democrats-at-large, and violent democrat street gangs.

You have this same one guy—President Donald Trump—trying to drain an entire decayed swamp by himself, with half the Planet (Earth) gyrating to shut him down, take him out, or maybe even kill him.


1.) Trump interferes with their profit margin.

2.) Trump interferes with their goals of Communist Supremacy In One World, under Their self-aggrandizing One Rule.

3.) Trump makes them feel “uncomfortable.”

Democrats have been at war with us Conservatives for a hundred years. They are extremely well-organized and cohesive. They already have effective playbooks written by Marx, Stalin, Beria, Alinsky, Clinton, Obama, the Media, Hollywood, and others. They are already emotionalized past human breaking points.

Democrats have millions upon millions of liberalized, pre-disposed, illegal voters standing-by to VOTE DEMOCRAT, with millions more illegal aliens on the way. They are lined up—to VOTE—all the way to Mexico, Central America, Africa, India, the Middle East, and other places where they hate us to death because of what Democrats tell them. What democrats lie about.

Democrats have a lock on every “disrespected,” hateful, disgruntled, and whining bloc of anti-Trump voters frothing to VOTE DEMOCRAT—no matter who the candidate might turn out to be.

The democrat candidate could be anybody. It could even be Jabba The Hut. They won’t care who, as long as it’s not Trump.

Oh…and if democrats can’t win the election with hordes of illegals—they will proceed to steal it. And Republicans and Americans will just look on and marvel.

I mean—TRUMP—he makes people “uncomfortable.”

You’re fricking “uncomfortable?” I don’t give a crap!

This next election in 2020 is about Earth In The Balance—the difference between American Freedom, and Communist slavery.

Communism has failed EVERYWHERE.

Yet, there is a rolling tsunami of those in America who say they can hardly WAIT for what they think will be “benevolent socialism,” to commandeer the entire Country.

Republicans stand around—bootless, thumbs up their a*ses—going,  “Homina, homina, homina….

Jackie Gleason, “Homina, homina, homina….”

REPUBLICANS in Congress and the Senate seem POWERLESS— gutless —unable or unwilling to help Trump. Republicrats seem unable to respond in the least to democrats, who will surely kick their useless a*ses all over Pennsylvania Avenue.

America—and we remaining Americans—have been sold out by the defunct gaggle of Silent Republicans.

We are abandoned, shunned, and lied about—as high as the sky.

There seems to be no limit to democrat deception about us. We are all “Nazis and we all deserve to die.”

Are you Ready to die?

—There is, reportedly, “a second civil war,” coming, or already here.

I still don’t know what that means—“a 2nd USA civil war.” Where do you go to have that? How do you get food, water, orders, organization, command, and rules of engagement? Where do you sleep? How do you get where you want to go? Who’s in charge?

DONALD, there are very few ways to halt this juggernaut of democrat lies, radical media propaganda, and Communist techniques.

  • You must legally bring down the “progressive,” democrat, political enablers, liars, and drivers of this illegal movement.
  • You must legally assure that illegals do Not vote in our sacred election of 2020.
  • You must legally provide for your own, personal security and that of your family, so that you are not all arrested or killed as the Left seems to promise.

DONALD, I do believe there will be a “Moe Green Moment,” legally done, and without blood. (THE GODFATHER, 1972.)

But…don’t be late.