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Why the Worldwide Left Is So Opposed to Donald Trump

RUSH: So, I ran across this piece and I want to share it with you because when I was reading this piece, it caused a bunch of lights to go off. One of the things that I’ve been trying to figure out, even though those of you who listen will think I have it figured out, to me there’s always more than what I understand on most things. Even though I think I may have something figured out, there’s still more to learn about it.

And this opposition to Trump, it’s so irrational. It’s so obsessive that it puzzles me. And over what? Make America Great Again. Now, look, I understand the left hates America. The left hates the concept of capitalism and freedom. But they have never been anywhere near a majority of the population in this country. Never. They’ve always been fringe. They’ve been around since the days of the founding. Their strength has ebbed and flowed, you might say they’re 30, 35 percent, but I don’t even think that in terms of getting votes.

But yet they’re portrayed by a sympathetic media as being the majority of the country. If you landed here from Mars you would think the election of Donald Trump was some kind of real aberration because he represents 20 percent of the thinking and that the whole country is outraged every day because Donald Trump somehow shouldn’t be president. And, of course, the truth is over 65 million people voted for Donald Trump. He won the presidency fair and square. And yet this picture exists of something else.

And the opposition to Trump goes way beyond just Democrats losing. And it is the singular slogan of Trump’s that it’s not just a slogan, it’s an objective: Make America Great Again. The degree to which that has rendered his opponents insane has remained a big question. Even though I think I understand most of it intellectually, I’ve said to myself there’s got to be more to this. This is just irrational. It doesn’t make sense that this many people do not want America to be great.

So that remains a focal point, a frame of reference, as I go about my life living, learning, reading, this kind of thing. I came across something today that helped me understand it a bit more. It was nothing I didn’t already know. It’s one of these pieces, like Angelo Codevilla’s piece that we shared with you many, many moons ago on the ruling class versus the country class. It was like the revelation of learning what the current services baseline is in the federal budget and how that leads to what is called baseline budgeting. Those were light-goes-off moments.

Well, this piece that I ran into appears at the American Greatness website. And it’s written by a man named John Fonte, F-o-n-t-e. And the headline, ” Who Makes the ‘Rules’ in a ‘Rules-Based’ Liberal Global Order?” Now, this column is adapted from a speech that he gave at the National Conservative Conference in Washington on July 17th, about a month ago. And it prints to six pages. I can’t read the whole thing. But I’ve highlighted some pull quotes for you here that I think will make the point.

It begins thus: “The forces promoting global governance represent a serious actor, driver, or player in world politics. Transnationalism or globalism has an ideology and a social-material base. And, crucially, it has a strong American connection.” Transnationalism is the word now for globalism.

“The ideology is utopian, the age-old dream of worldwide peace and prosperity under a benevolent global regime. Further, the globalist project is bipartisan, in terms of both ideas and institutions.”

Now, I don’t believe that there’s anything utopian about it. Maybe from the duped, like your woke millennial college kids who think that utopia is possible. But the people running the show, I don’t think there’s anything utopian about them. I think they’re power mad. I think they’re evil, power mad people. And they have no intention of creating a utopia….