Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Great story-telling is like great Mythology. It illustrates how to behave— and what to do during our short lives on Earth.

Life is a river, and death is at both ends. Death has you coming in—and going out. So—how bad could it be? I mean—that way, death seems easy.

What’s hard, is what to do with Life. Ancient Mythology used to help answer that important question.

ONCE Upon A Time, great movies were considered to be the New Ancient Mythology. They carried great moral and philosophical import.

Because Humanity is hard-wired for story-telling, and mythology—movies could be stark and broadly drawn. Flickering and shadowed like tales told around a campfire, movies struck deep into the human heart.


Movies could leave the details to human imagination. Because—as Joseph Campbell tells us, in The Power Of Myth—human beings expect to see certain events and particular archetypes in any well-told story.

The last time I saw this done in a movie was THE MATRIX.

THE MATRIX – scriptgodsmustdie.com

I had copyrighted a similar story about a year before THE MATRIX was copyrighted. My hero was named Neon. Some of the other characters had names like Cyber, Sub, Alamos, and so-on,

It was a story about misfits who gained superpowers by entering and living on the Internet. They fought evil there, and were sometimes pursued by evil programs or viruses. Neon meets the ruler of the Internet, who instructs and advises him.

And, so-on. Yes, it sounds almost like THE MATRIX movie.

It was a story about morality, and how to Be.

People raging against the Power.

No, I don’t think my idea was stolen. I’ve had 24 years to think about this. The story is archetypal. It would have come out one way or another, anyway—all by itself.

It was time.

The story is something modern human beings expect to see. It was not theft, coincidence, or even imagination.

No—it was synchronicity. It’s time had come. It was a thought that demanded to be born.

Yet, that idea now seems dead. In movies today—in the “new” world—we are TOLD what to think. We are told what to believe.

We are shown who rules. Thanks to cgi—NOTHING is left to the human imagination—that dreamy universe between myth and reality.

The most popular films seem to say, “See? There are great Powers you cannot fight. You are helpless before us—you are nothing compared to Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Iron Man, the Flash, Hulk, and all the rest of us.”

So. “You will OBEY! You have no choice against us.”

Yet—there are those among Humanity who would rage against the Power; the ruling Force. There are those among us who would refuse to mindlessly Obey.

There are those who would never submit to a Communism, to Shariah, to One World, or to serfdom.

If it took a thousand years. Humanity would free itself from “equality,” because we are not all equal. Some are weak and some are strong. Some are sheep and some are sheep dogs—protectors of the sheep.

Human DNA would never submit to an artificial System Of The Moment. To some mere Fashion—of ideas.

No. The human Story is one of  individuality, creativity, imagination, genius, and physicality.

Bogart, Raines, CASABLANCA (1942)

We are not made to be mindless cogs in some System. We are not to be repressed. We are not to be enslaved. We are not serfs. None of us are those.


We are survival-made-and-born.

And—in the end—DNA always wins.