Jeffrey A. Friedberg


EVERY DAY I become more convinced that unprincipled, totalitarian Democrats will try to disrupt the 2020 election. They simply can NOT accept Donald Trump as President.

And they won’t.

If Democrats think—or see—that they are losing, I believe—that they believe—they will have no choice.

No choice but to disrupt; maybe they will declare the election, “null and void.” Maybe they will just declare “a coup.”


Thefederalist.com, JAF IMAGES

“No election, no direction—we must disrupt!”


Google.com, JAF IMAGES

What happens after that, I don’t know.

I can’t see this so-called, “armed insurrection,” or “civil war,” which so many talk about. For one thing, where do you go to have that? Where’s the “revolution” being held? How do you march unstoppably through America to reach it? Where’s the water truck? Where’s the food? Who’s in charge?

ANY President would be obligated to put down ANY insurrection. No matter who’s revolting, and no matter who the President might be. Unless leading it.

For purposes, here—HOW, exactly, would hypothetical, revolutionary, Democrat elements—liars—go about instituting election day disruption?

In theory, So-called, “leaders,” cannot just sit down and just organize such destructive developments. They can’t tell others to do it. They can’t discuss it amongst themselves.

Unless they are prepared to serve time and/or be “taken out.” Because we are in an age of Surveillance almost without bounds. An age that sees and hears through walls. That can follow your face from Space. That can read and see your every text and email. There’s no place to hide. There’s nowhere to tell a secret.

And even if secret-tellers succeeded—somehow—there will always be an informer; an infiltrator; a rat; a mole. There’s too much money; too much stardom, fame, too many YouTube clicks and advertising.

There’s no sure way to speak or keep a secret. Truth—or lies—can be bought and sold.

Ergo, how will it be done? The disruption of Election 2020?


You will start to see it—in the “national discourse.” It will be hinted at on TV, radio, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, in communist, leftist articles, online—all “social” media—and everywhere.

As to what it will mean—don’t worry about that part. The Democrats will tell you what to think; they will define it for you.

They will “share” it with you.

Share”—a new word-usage that never appeared until Democrats created it. So common now that even conservative writers use it—not realizing how their brain has been altered to “share.”

Whatever the hell “share” might mean on Sesame Street, or in other communist manifestos.

“Share.” It’s everywhere. It’s on TV, radio, schools, nurseries, funeral parlors, ice-cream stands, psychiatrist offices, Internet, police, military, your doctor, Hollywood movies—and just everywhere else.

As will be a generic “understanding,” about why and how Election 2020, “must” be disrupted by the totalitarian Left.

Supergirl might even tell you about it on fricking Canadian TV.

Watch for it.


Coming soon—to be “shared” with you, by leftists.

—Everywhere. All the time, by those who….