Friday, August 30, 2019

A war doesn’t start until somebody fights back.

Somebody once made a movie “Suppose  they gave a war and nobody came?”  You can’t have war until two parties agree to fight.

There is a very common misperception about war.  The beginning of a war is generally marked by an attack, invasion or other aggressive move by a country.  But a war can’t start until the aggressor meets resistance.  A brawl is usually begun by someone throwing a punch.  But unless the person getting punched puts up some resistance it’s not a fight, it’s just somebody taking a beating.

The Twentieth Century was known for big wars.  But when Germany invaded Austria in 1938 and Czechoslovakia in 1939 we can’t talk about the war between Germany and Austria or the German-Czechoslovakian war because there was no resistance.  In late 1938 British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared that making treaties with Hitler gave us “peace in our time” which lasted well after the Czechs surrendered without a fight.

World War 2 began in 1939 when Germany and the USSR invaded Poland and the Poles fought back with the backing of England and France.  Had the Polish armed forced not resisted, historians may well have classified 1939 as a year of peace.

When the Southern states began seceding from the Union beginning in 1860 there was peace.  It was not until Abraham Lincoln ordered the military to resist the takeover of Fort Sumter that the Union and the Confederacy were at war.

This is important and it applies to what is happening in the country today.  It’s why my hackles rise when I hear that President Trump is responsible for the open hatred and disunity in this country.  We may as well blame the Poles for World War 2 and Lincoln for the Civil War.

There has been an ideological assault on America and its culture for decades.  Every nation has its malcontents.  But the Soviet Union and Communism have had a major impact on our culture.  The Left has long had a foothold in American culture.  The Communists in this country opposed military support for Britain in its fight against the Nazis … until Hitler invaded Russia.  Then support for war became critical.

The Left blamed America for the Cold War.  For a long time they were dismissed as an irritant by the vast majority of the American people, the people I’ll call “normal.”  Normals loved America, its founding and saw it as a force for good in the world.  But as the Left came to dominate the culture – the press, entertainment, academia – normal people found themselves and their belief in freedom and individual initiative under attack.

Obama told Americans “you didn’t build that.”   They were accused of bigotry clinging to their guns and their religion.  Hillary called them deplorable and irredeemable and the Liberal fans who could afford $1000-a-plate-dinners laughed and cheered.

It’s now understood by all right-thinking people that white heterosexual males are what’s wrong with the world.

The Black editor-in-chief of the New York Times decreed that black slaves built America while whites sat idly by when they are not raping, pillaging, plundering and burning crosses.  Democrat members of Congress supported the extinction of Israel and supported those who want to exterminate Jews.  These are not “fringe” views, they are held by very important people, some even running for President.

And us Normals didn’t find ourselves with any meaningful defenders.  Mocked by Conrad Black as the OBushinton political establishment we gradually came to the realization that members of the Ruling Class approved of the assault on Normals.

Republicans gave us lip service when they courted our vote but were careful never to actually do anything to support our values while in office.  If they were called on their failure to deliver on their promises, they whined that they just didn’t have the votes and asked for money for the next election when they promised – pinkie swear – that next time they would keep their pledges.  But next time never came because it was all a show; “boob bait for the Bubbas” as Bill Clinton so eloquently put it.

The Bushes exemplified the Republican version of the Ruling Class that basically agreed with the Zeitgeist.  Bush 1’s “Kinder and Gentler” slogan was actually a slap at the Reagan era.  Bush 2 inadvertently presided over 9/11 and once the Iraq war became a quagmire stood by supinely while the Left branded him a warmongering Hitler-wanna-be.  John McCain was the press’ favorite Republican as long as the “Maverick” attacked Conservatives.  His running mate, Sarah Palin, was knifed in the back by McCain staff while the press stabbed her from the front.  Once McCain became the Republican nominee the press slimed him as an over-the-hill adulterer.  Romney was such a Boy Scout that he allowed himself to be double-teamed in a political debate by Obama and Candy Crowley, the moderator.  Publications that pretended to resist the Left’s cultural onslaught like National Review and Weekly Standard were so anxious to join the Left’s juggernaut that they denounced the Normals as heatedly as any on the Left.

Normals were told that their customs and beliefs were not just wrong but illegal.  Gay marriage was created by an edict of the Ruling Class.  Normals were required not just to be tolerant but join in the celebration.  Bake them a cake, host their wedding pizza party or be held up to public humiliation and watch your business destroyed.

People who think there are only two genders are classified as haters who hate, hate, hate.  Joe Biden was recently asked how many genders there were and his reply – “3” – was roundly mocked.  There is no “Woke” right answer.  Whatever your reply, it’s going to be wrong tomorrow and you will be denounced by the gender police.

Men dressed as women were suddenly transformed from mental cases to a protected class with their own letter in a growing alphabet of celebrated perversions.  Normal people go to a public bathroom designated for men or women and expect to see a member of the same sex there.  Wrong again, Buffalo Breath!  If you expect that, you’re pilloried as a bigot and will be exposed and boycotted by a new class of culture warriors who will scream at you and drive you out of restaurants after spitting in your face.

There are not a large number of people roaming the country who are mentally deranged and wish to disown their personal sexual organs.  The larger game is a power play by culture warriors to demonstrate their ability to destroy Normals.  To demonstrate their power they will smash the statue of your fallen hero in exactly the same way as the Taliban do in the territory they control … because they can.  Its cultural rape and, like sexual rape,  it’s done to show dominance.  Vikings, Vandals and other barbarians throughout history have done the same thing as they pillaged and plundered people that didn’t have the ability or the will to resist.


There’s a similarity between the Left’s onslaught and Nazi ideology.  Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” published in 1925 is an indictment of Jews for the ills that the Germans suffered flowing World War 1.  In 2019 the leading American newspaper, the New York Times, began the 1691 Project claiming that Black slaves built America and Whites are responsible for all its faults.   Nothing could be more Hitlerian than this.

In Donald Trump, the Normals have the first leader who is willing to go to war.

His style is counter-attack and he gives with the same brutality as his attackers.  It shocked them at first and they began by calling him un-Presidential.  That was the small “polite part of the Democrat party.  The others went straight for calling him a mass murderer and stealing the election in collusion with Vladimir Putin.   In a very real way, Trump has driven the Leftist aggressors insane.  They now compare people using “reasonable” arguments as slaveholders.

It remains to be seen if Trump, who is unique in the political world, will prevail or will be over-run by a horde or totalitarian Luddites who worship strange beliefs about the earth.  The Poles were, after all, defeated after being double-teamed by two of the most despotic regimes in modern history.  But he fights and so far he has prevailed in the face of the fires of Hell deployed by every sector of the Ruling Class against him.  We have an actual culture war instead of a Left-wing gang rape of the American culture thanks to Trump.  God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform