On Saturday, August 31, 2019,

By Major John Lucas, United States Special Forces <jlucas@howardhowardlaw.com>



Jimmy Regan was a sergeant in David’s Ranger company (3d Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment) who was killed in action in Iraq in February 2007. 

[“David” is the son of Major John Lucas, of the United States Special Forces (Green Berets), writer of this article.]

He was a real star.  Before joining the Army, Jimmy had a lot of options — He was a standout lacrosse player for Duke, graduated with a degree in economics, had a job offer from UBS in NY and had been accepted to SMU law school. He gave all that up to join the Army and the Ranger Regiment.  His decision was influenced by the fact that a large number of people from his town on Long Island had been killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11.  Prior to joining, as he discussed it with his fiancée, who was a medical student at Emory, reminiscent of Isiah 6:8, he asked, “If I don’t do this, who will?”  After he was killed, David emailed me about his death and said “We just lost one of the country’s best.”  

 Jimmy’s father, James, was an investment banker in New York.  Sandy and I met him in New York after Jimmy’s death.  He has established a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the “Rangers Lead the Way Fund” (named after the Ranger’s motto, “Rangers Lead the Way” which was something that General Cota said on Omaha Beach on D-Day).  The purpose of the RLTWF is to provide financial support beyond what the Government can offer, to U.S. Army Rangers and the families of those who have been killed or disabled.

 That brings me to the purpose of this email – David is running in the Army 10-Miler on October 13, to raise money for the Rangers Lead the Way Fund.  If would consider being one of his sponsors by making a tax-deductible donation, please visit this link: 




I am just sending this to a small number of friends who I think might be interested in participating.  I know we all get a lot of such solicitations, and I don’t want to pressure anyone, so I ask that you not tell me, one way or the other, if such a donation would fit your plans now.

Oh, and if you would, I do ask that you send this to friends whom you think might be interested, and post of Facebook, if you are so inclined. 

The link immediately below is to a youtube video that gives some additional background on Jimmy and the formation of the RLTWF.


Thanks for your consideration.