Opinion: jeffrey a. Friedberg


Instead of “OPEN CARRY”—which freaks people out—including me—why not just qualify for a CONCEALED CARRY permit?

I mean—I see somebody wearing a gun, and I’m all, like, “WHO THE FVCK IS THAT?”

I mean—like, I don’t freaking know you.

I don’t see the big deal. I don’t see why the gun has to be exposed to view. It’s an implicit threat. And who the hell are you, anyway?

OR—ARE YOU maybe NOT QUALIFIED OR ELIGIBLE FOR A CC PERMIT? In which case, maybe you should not have a gun either.

Obtaining a concealed carry permit tells me the bearer has some training via a reasonably qualified instructor. They are familiar with the gun, how it works, liability—when and where—and what is not permitted under the qualifying state laws.

I know, I know—“it’s a Right.” But it still freaks people out, including me, and it’s not necessary if you have a CC Permit.


If  EVERYbody’s doing it—okay, I might see that.

But right now: no. I can’t see it. Get yourself a CC Permit.

Stop, “Open Carry.” It makes you a “Target.”

Oh— and there’s not gonna be any need for “Minute Men,” either—no “‘armed insurrection,’ no Second Revolution.

I mean—where do you go to have that? The “Second Revolution?”

Who’s in charge? What are the “rules of engagement?” Who’s got the food? Where’s the water truck?

How does one make themself invisible to a super-science that sees through walls, hears everything they say, reads everything they write, can track their face from space, and can fly a Hellfire missile through a bedroom window?

They gonna “fight” from their front door?

I do NOT recommend it!


 (Read the above, two links, and then do your own research….)


The Author, Jeffrey A. Friedberg, is an ex-Private Eye from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Feel free to reprint, link to, or reproduce this article with proper accreditation.