Brief, and Impolite

Jeffrey A. Friedberg, Area 52


The Media….

What bullsh*t are the media.

They lie to get clicks; they lie to sell Product; they lie to steal votes for totalitarian democrats.

The wilder the lie, the better. The crazier—the more often repeated—the more real the Lie becomes. From petty to the sublime. No lie is too big or too small.

For instance, ANYthing in outer “space” is automatically labeled, “mysterious.”

ANY type of unknown animal is automatically labeled a “mysterious creature,” or,  “mysteriously humanoid”.

ANYthing that might help a totalitarian democrat win the election, of 2020, is just peachy-keen—no matter what he/she, says/does.

Communism: good.

Orange Man: bad.

Fact is, the Media—and their Hollowood clones—have created a false “Reality,” in which the enslaved general public resides. Just flip on “social media,” or the “news” if you doubt me. Lies and fake reality are all, what generalized people believe these days.

THE MATRIX, google.com, film.avclub.com

It’s what’s presented; it’s what they see; it’s what they want. As long as there’s a new Marvel flick coming, Game of Thrones is still on, and there’s a fresh beer or tofu in the fridge—“Just leave me alone and let me live my life.”

Tha’s right, Bunky. Keep your head down, your mouth shut, and do as you are told. Stay off their radar, or get right with the socialist (communist) gods, and they just might leave you alone.

No they won’t.

The “reality” presented to you—the version that surrounds you, that floats you and carries you along—is the one that’s chosen for you. You’re already obeying Them.

And why not enslave you? Why would any government Not want to control and manage its populace?

Seems to me, this is one of Government’s first duties these days. Huge populace; dire influences upon it; weak government; imperiled wealth and personal influence of, “public servants;” and a super-science that can see through walls.

Of course they would want to manage and control you.

Why not? After all, they are The DEEP STATE.

The Media; Hollywood; “entertainment;” sports, and more: all of it IS the “Deep State,” the Government-Information Complex that controls and manages America.

the Creature thereby created, is without feeling. It is without mercy, and relentless in the pursuit and destruction of those who dare venture against it in any way. No matter how important or of service those individuals may have been.

As in the sad example and horrible fate of one, Gordon Welchman, who may have single-handedly won World War II—and then the Cold War—thereby saving millions of lives.

And you probably never heard of him, or maybe never even of Bletchley Park?

Well, did you?