SPACE PATROL Ran on TV from 1950 to 1955. It’s use of camera angles, black and white shadow, real places employed as “sets,” and quality acting were all ground-breaking.


The Captain Kirk of his day was Commander-in-Chief Buzz Corry, played by Ed Kemmer. His Security Chief, Major Robbie Robertson, was played by Ken Mayer. And his trusty sidekick and comic relief was Cadet Happy, played by the irrepressible Lyn Osborn.

Corry’s platonic love interest was Carol Carlisle, daughter of the Secretary General of the United Planets, played by blond Virginia Hewitt, and rounding out the cast of regulars was former villainess from Saturn, Tonga, now reformed and made Assistant Security Chief, played by dark haired, Buenos Aires-born Nina Bara.

Bear in mind—this was 70 years ago. TV was still “experimental,” and totally in black and white.

SPACE PATROL anticipated starships, star-drive, mini-skirts, women on the bridge, cell phones, non-lethal arms, and Jean-Luc’s  uniform.