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…If the Obama White House, John Brennan, James Comey, Jim Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi get away with it they will destroy our country in the process…..



WASHINGTON, DC:  With a national election coming in 13 months, Democrats seem convinced they cannot win. So they revert to another two years of the Russia Hoax II. A fabricated scandal created by deep state elements, coordinated with leading Democrats, and laid out in the left-wing media like a PR campaign.

As they continue to trample the constitution in their efforts to destroy President Trump, Democrats are on the verge of triggering a Civil War in America. The Whistleblower hoax and its attendant impeachment hysteria is a distraction to cover up the criminality of numerous high ranking Obama officials.

In hopes of convincing enough people that their lies are the truth.

Election Interference

Democrats accuse Trump of wanting to interfere in the 2020 election.  In reality, Trump is trying to find out what happened in 2016. There is a Justice Department investigation. Willam Barr and John Durham can’t look into the Russia Hoax without talking to Ukraine about their deep involvement in it.

And Italy, Britain, and Australia, as well as other foreign powers.

Democrat criminality on display

According to the deep swamp,  Hillary lining the Clinton Foundation’s pockets with hundreds of millions of pay for play dollars is a nothing burger. Nor is her deletion of 33,000 emails under subpoena.  The creation of the Steele dossier, which has been totally debunked, is yesterday.  Weaponizing and deploying the dossier through the Obama White House, well that is just business as normal.

Pelosi – Schiff Democrats operation destroy America Chapter 3: Impeachment

If you are a democrat, using CIA assets to frame George Papadopoulos is completely acceptable. As is launching a counterintelligence investigation based on what you know is fabricated disinformation. Securing no-less than 4 FISA warrants on a sitting President using lies, and lying about the lies, is just another acceptable obfuscation…..