Everywhere you turn progressives are pushing the idea of diversity. It’s in our school curriculum, in every TV show and movie, and now even in corporate commercials. But within the era of Newspeak, what is now called diversity is actual progressive dogmatic orthodoxy. The only permitted diversity is in the narrow, acceptable progressive doctrine. It is acceptable to hold any opinion on the number of human genders if that number is greater than twelve. The current politically acceptable number is one hundred twelve. To say there are only two genders will get you send to re-education camp, or diversity training, and subjected to the two minutes of hate.

The progressive movement today is a bastardization of what it once was. A good friend who is Dean at a prominent university is one of the first people I know who described himself thirty years ago as a progressive. Today, he shuns the term, saying it has been corrupted.

Professors lose or are denied tenure and teaching positions for thinking outside of the approved dogma. Social media posts outside of the acceptable progressive doctrine will get you gagged and shut down. In true Kafkaesque form, you will not be told what your crime is, what the rules are, and who are the judge and jury. My account was suspended months ago for a post I made on the Federalists position on gun control. Almost every day, someone I follow is de-platformed and suspended for posts that question the progressive doctrine. At the same time outrageous posts encouraging the killing of Republicans, beating people who don’t follow the approved doctrine, or in the case of Peter Fonda, who said, “Donald Trump’s 12-year-old son should be put in a cage with pedophiles”, are all perfectly acceptable.

In nature, diversity is a strength, it is the foundation of evolution, it is how life evolves in a changing environment. For an economy, like nature, diversity is at the heart of success. It allows the economy to grow and change with advancements in technology and the economic environment. Without organic diversity, life would end. Without economic and industrial diversity, we would still be living in the dark ages. Without diversity of thought, we would be teaching that the Earth is flat.

The progressives are not interested in diversity of thought or expression, but in promoting divisions in society with the ultimate goal of tearing it apart in the hopes of rebuilding based on their doctrine.

Diversity of thought only works when there is mutual respect and a common goal. Take for example a football team. A successful team will have players with a wide variety of skills. But they work together for a common goal. How successful would they be if players were taught to be jealous and resentful of each other and the idea of the team was evil, and the quarterback believed that all team success belong to him alone?

The progressives want division. In school, our children are taught division and victimhood. The progressive controlled media is on a propaganda campaign sowing racial, ethnic, and sexual divisions. We are being conditioned to see everything in the light of race, sex, and ethnic divisions. What is not permitted is the promotion of the symbols of unity, like our flag.

All over my son’s high school hang signs promoting diversity. “Diversity Is Our Strength” the signs proclaim. But it is not diversity they teach, but division. Classes are filled with curriculum that teaches social divisions and victimhood. Children are taught to look at themselves and each other in classifications of race, sex, religion, and as victims of the American society. American history no longer includes any notion of American exceptionalism. Today, it is a study of how this country has done little more than oppress people. They feed a propaganda in which our nation is fundamentally an evil society. Why are the schools doing this to our children? One thing we learn from history is the simplest way to conquer a people is to divide them and turn them against themselves.

We are, and always have been, a diverse nation. We come from different families, towns, religions with different levels of cognitive abilities and skills. Our ancestors came from different parts of the world. The strength of a nation is its ability to bind its people together for the common good.

Society cannot survive without diversity. But, diversity without unity leads to divisions. Division leads to tribal war.

The strength of a nation is its ability to unify the diversity of its people. It’s when that unity fails that we are at our weakest. The history of our country is filled with fights and skirmishes between factions, from the border wars between Maryland and Pennsylvania, to the Civil War.

Society needs something to bind us people together. In some societies it is a person, the King or Queen, an Emperor, etc. The problem with humans is we are corruptible, subject to failure and death. Symbols and ideas are much stronger. Flags, songs, and legends throughout history have proven to be the greatest of social bindings.

The surest way to destroy a society is to attack its points of unity. The acceptable progressive social narratives today aim at destroying those points of unity. For example:

  • The American Flag is now a symbol of a racist nation and of oppression.

  • All the founding fathers are evil.

  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights are documents of hate written by bad dead white men.

  • Betty Ross is evil because she is credited with the first design of the American Flag, (never mind that she was a member of the first abolition society in America)

  • George Washington is evil and Colin Kaepernick is a hero.

  • There is nothing great or special about this nation.

Granted, our country has some stains and low points in our history that should stand as lessons. But is how what should be taught and promoted we have overcome, corrected, and continued to improve. American exceptionalism is our ability to confront our weakness and failures and move on.

Promoting American exceptionalism does not help the progressive agenda of destroying the fabric of our society. Like the Jacobins, they believe the nation must be destroyed to be rebuilt, History proves that such revolutions do not end well for anyone, including the revolutionaries.

As I finish this article, I’m watching a video of the militant progressives, who are called antifa, brutally attack people in Portland Washington including a young girl and a disabled veteran in a wheelchair. The progressive Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, orders police to stand down and allow the progressive militants to continue their attacks. So much for “Diversity is our strength” and “Hate has no home here”.