Dem Congressman: More ‘Patriotic Americans’ Will Step Forward to Unveil Trump’s ‘Cover-Ups’
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AOC: Trump’s Going After Schiff And, Well, That’s Anti-Semitic
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Report: Second Whistleblower Contemplates Filing a Formal Complaint Over Ukraine
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Fauxahontas Was Caught In Another Lie. This One Is About Her Previous Career As a Teacher.
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Pelosi Stopped In South Carolina For a Fundraiser But Was Greeted By Massive Crowd of Trump Supporters
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Don’t Trust Legacy Media? MSNBC Reporter Thinks You Don’t Understand the ‘Sins of the President’
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Biden Makes One Thing Clear: Ukraine Scandal Won’t Keep His Son From The Campaign Trail
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Impeachment Showdown: Three House Committees Slap White House With Subpoenas
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While Being Released From The Hospital, Doctors Confirm Bernie Had a Heart Attack
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Whoa: Biden Completely Snaps At a Reporter…For Asking About Ukraine
Beth Baumann
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