Jeffrey A. Friedberg

I have never seen anything like the apparently crazed condition of Democrats.

I have watched players in World War II, the Korean War, the Berlin Airlift, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Israeli wars, the Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and all the rest of it.

But never have I seen anything as wild and incoherent as the current Democrat stampede.

To me, it’s a headlong rush to somehow Impeach Donald Trump — by an uncontrolled run to the left.  Any new “bombshell” seems welcome.  Any new accusation is instantly worked globally into the Democrat narrative.

Anything that seems derogatory.  Anything negative.  The wilder, the better.  To Democrats, their enablers, and their enforcers, even eating babies starts to sound good, if a Democrat twists the story far enough to the left.

Anything goes.  Anything at all.

And somehow — by their, now, openly bruiting a clandestine, communism, hidden from America for a hundred years — Democrats seem to have thrown all caution away.

Democrats seem to be in some sort of new, totalitarian, “socialist” Democratic Party, until the end — whatever that may be.

The means of getting to that end do not seem to bother them.  They lust for victory by any means.  They seem ready to do anything at all to get there.  It seems they freely call for violence, subterfuge, lies, and even political murder.

But — adults in the room know they are losing.  They view their political rodeo as a last-ditch effort, to try anything that might derail Trump.  Anything at all that might get him impeached, in order to keep him from being re-elected.

There are protective, self-enriching, and self-aggrandizing reasons for this.

They know he is coming for them.

They have never seen anything like Trump.  He does not play by house- rules.  They were not prepared for anybody to actually come after them.  To take them down.

Trump does not want business as usual.  He does not want politicized players to rule the world.  He doesn’t want instant millionaires made because they played the political game billionaire elitists called for.

Donald Trump has come to drain the swamp.  Donald Trump is here to destroy and do away with the Deep State.  Donald Trump is deadly serious.

He’s stepping on too many toes, and he’s alone.  But he knows it.

You see, when one does this for real, for success, certain steps have to be carefully followed.  Trump knows this.

He’s in a walk-down at high noon.  There can be only one.  He’s on his own, and he has nothing but inherent wits and skills.

All his life, Donald Trump has dealt with money, power, politicians, mafiosi, cops, robbers, spies, and their lies.

Trump already knows how to play this game.  He knows he must prepare the battleground.  He must find the path, stay on it, and guard his moves until he is ready.

When playing this game for real, you don’t make a move until you can take out the opposition completely.  Otherwise, they might shut you down.  Take away your freedom.  Or just kill you.

Some Democrats know that this is their last chance to win.  And in a universe where the party cannot be allowed to lose, Democrat options seem few.  Anything goes.

With Democrats charging over the tops of their trenches this way — helter-skelter, screaming and flailing — they only expose themselves to the figurative guns of Trump.

In other words, if Democrats stay their current path of intimidation, lies, violence, totalitarianism, and impeachment, they leave Donald Trump no choice whatever.  They put him in a position where he will be fighting for his life.

In such matters, the more skilled tactician can win.  The strategist with the more organized and prepared view of the battle field and troops will prevail.

This has been true since before even the battle of Wattling Street, Agincourt, and D-Day.

This approach characterizes an inscrutable Sun Tzu, a wartime general, or…the street-fighting genius that is Donald J. Trump.

Jeffrey A. Friedberg was a state-licensed private eye for 35 years.  He is an author and internet columnist.  His website is