Your Second Civil War: It Ain’t Happening.

OPINION: By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


The Real USA General George S. Patton, With Ivory-Handle Revolver.

I have read articles. And I have read “Comments,” that follow the articles. I see references to, “a second civil war.”

I see calls for “molon labe…or for, ‘lock and load.’”

I am told that, “70 million Americans stand ready.” I see other militant opinions, and analyses.

But, in my opinion, there can be no “second civil war.”

Unless whoever commands America at that time is leading it.

If there were to be an armed uprising of any sort, the government — whoever might be in charge — would normally be duty-bound to end it. Put it down. Make arrests. And so-on.

For instance, if Donald Trump were President, it would be his job to suppress any armed revolution.

The same goes for any Democrat President.

That is — as stated, unless one, or the other, were leading it — leading a Second American Revolution.  Or civil war.

In 1776, only about a third of the country supported the “First” American Revolution.

In 2019, would a third of America again stand up and fight? Given present differences between Americans during, say, World War II, and today’s Americans — no, I don’t think so.

Especially, since, today, there is no way to hide from an all-seeing Government eye. A super science that can read or hear your every word, recognize your face from space, or fly a Hellfire missile through your bedroom window.



There could be no “secret” meetings. No “underground.” No “spy network,” and no “hiding out among the people.” No “swimming like fish,” among them.

Because if the government doesn’t discover you, somebody on your street will damn sure report you.

Try congregating in groups, or “hardened” shelters, and see what happens. Try showing a gun, or wearing black or camo. Try practicing formations, marching, or training. Try “practice” shooting. Try those things and see how fast things happen.

Let’s be more realistic about all this.

You’re not gonna fight Them from your door. You’re not gonna fight them from your driveway. They could park a tank in front of your house. They could flood the neighborhood with armed troops or “violence suppression units,” and surround you.

You’re not gonna fight “enemy” leaders, by storming their redoubts, because they will be deep underground, in hidden, impervious, protected, well-guarded,  government bunkers.

Being even more realistic, let’s say that In 2019, if a third of America were to support an armed revolution, that would be about 110,000,000 people. Enough to make an army? Of course.

But I, personally, doubt that would happen. Not as long as “folks” are comfy, have stuff in the fridge, families to consider, careers, new DC Universe movies, and the legacy media to keep them “informed.”

I mean most people would hide; not all of them, of course, but most would. The average person would probably want to keep their head down and “just live my life.”

Also, we are told that as many as 30,000,000 “folks” — here — are from other countries, and may not feel they owe any allegiance to America.

So — how many would stand up and fight?

I don’t think the entire balance of people would fight.

For the sake of conversation, let’s make things even more realistic, and cut that number of 110,000,000 in half. That leaves maybe 55,000,000. Still enough for an army? Yes. But would all that many “folks” stand and fight? Probably not — no.

Playing the odds, even cutting it in half again, to about 27,500,00, it’s still a lot of “folks.” Except, as stated, we are told some 30,000,000 are not even from here.

So — how many would actually stand and fight? What’s the size of this “army?” How many would be armed? How many would be trained? How many would know what to do against a trained and equipped opposition force? And I’m not talking about single-action, AR-15s, and 9mm Glocks.

I’m talking going up against tanks, missiles, artillery, helicopter gunships, and lots of really big, fully automatic, guns.

Oh — and where, exactly, do “folks” go to have this “revolution?” Who’s in charge? Who decides things? What’s the target? What are the rules of engagement?

The Real Face Of USA General George Washington. Reconstructed.

Who watches over them?

Where do they get drinking water and food?

How many tanks do they have? Jets, missiles, trucks. Where do they sleep?

I hear arguments that “ex-service people and police” — Patriots — stand armed, experienced and ready to fight. That there would — therefore — be no such opposing Force willing to kill fellow Americans.

Duh? What would these ex-service people and police be doing? Handing out pamphlets to the other side? It’s said these are the ones ready to fight. Who will they be fighting?

Will they be shooting people? Killing them? Or, will they be shooting “only to wound?” Just enough to make an example?

Would they really shoot Americans?


— There will always be people willing to shoot other people. No matter what “side” they may be on.  No matter who they support — whether, the President, or Whomever else may be in charge.

Further, what if there are more than two armies, and not just the imagined, one army of Others, and one army of police, ex-servicemen, and additional “patriots?”

There have always been people ready to pull the trigger. There have always been people who thought it was patriotic, religious, orderly, or just plain fun. Killing would take place on both sides. On all sides.

What if religion or race created even more armies? And everyone had people who could pull the trigger?

What if some inflamed congressman or senator somehow got their hands on a nuclear weapon, and some “patriotic,” willing military, and decided to bomb a “conservative” city? We have already been told that can happen.

Where would this war start? Who would participate? What — or who — would be targeted? What’s the order of battle?

How could this war be ended? Who would be in charge to end it?

And then what? Who won? What System would be dominant? Democracy? Communism? Liberty? Equality? Fraternity? One World? How would that particular System be enforced? Who would enforce it?

Where would America have been — or be, all this time? What would happen to America’s leaders, traditions, Constitution, declarations, documents, and other guiding principles? Would America be poised to unfold like a newly majestic  butterfly? Like a blazing phoenix rising from its own ashes?

Or would it be crumbling in some hidden bunker?

What’s the answer?

I don’t know.

I can only hope that Donald Trump exposes mighty powers now working against America. That the American people reject and shun them. That anyone who hates America will be dealt with legally, constitutionally, and finally, forever.

I can only hope there will be no second armed insurrection.