DSA members at the Women’s March in New York City on January 21, 2017. (Courtesy of Democratic Socialists of America) – https://www.thenation.com/article/america-has-a-long-and-storied-socialist-tradition-dsa-is-reviving-it/

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Returns to The Place She Cost Thousands of Jobs

“I am back,” Senator Bernie Sanders declared in Queensbridge Park: under the shadow of Queensbridge Houses, the country’s biggest housing project and its biggest failed experiments in government housing.

Cabrini–Green, Pruitt–Igoe, and other mammoth projects have been demolished. Queensbridge or
‘the Bridge’ lingers on as the nation’s worst socialist housing eyesore where nothing works except the guns.

Aides and proxies for the socialist politician insisted that the location was sending a message.

“Queensbridge was a deliberate choice,” one of his aides claimed.

It’s a hell of a choice.

The comeback rally was built around Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s endorsement of Sanders. Cortez had famously helped scuttle the deal that would have brought a coveted Amazon HQ to New York.

The location of that planned HQ would have been in Long Island City, near Queensbridge Houses. Amazon was bringing a potential 25,000 jobs. Queensbridge Houses, the largest housing project in the country, has 6,600 residents. Most of them are poor. A large number are unemployed.

Amazon would have brought job fairs and resume training to Queensbridge for 3 years. Instead, Queensbridge Houses gets a rally for the smug socialist who took away the future of its residents.

Assemblyman Ron Kim bizarrely claimed that Bernie’s rally was a “a metaphor for all Americans who feel neglected by Wall Street.”

It’s hard to think of a worse socialist metaphor than coming to a place to which a company tried to bring 25,000 jobs before being driven out by a Bernie Sanders ally to complain that capitalists don’t care.

“All the people protesting, where are they now?” Billy Robinson, a community activist had asked, weeks after Amazon pulled out, under pressure from the socialists, leaving local residents with nothing.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez went off to get a $300 haircut. Then she and Bernie, a socialist millionaire 1 percenter, returned to celebrate their own greatness in a place where the median income is $15,843.

Time to come back and….