Jeffrey A. Friedberg – Impolite, and To-The-Point.

Au Point (French):

WITH ALL THE DEMOCRAT NOISE AND SPECTACLE in the “news” and online, one might think there was actually something important going on.

There is, but it may not be what you think. Because there’s actually nothing new.

Democrats have always been Communists.


It’s just that– now –with hordes of illegal criminals whom they are importing and registering to vote, they appear to think they have a chance of winning. By those illegal votes, and by outright, criminal theft.

That is–they seem to think that they can now unmask from being a “democratic” party, and go full, lying, thieving, murderous Communist.

In this manner they seem to think they can pull votes from their illegals, criminals, “suburban housewives,” anybody with a gripe, “blacks,” Jews, “progressives,” and anybody else Not Conservative.

The illegal “folks” they register to vote are already inclined to vote for Communist Rule.

More to the point, these “folks” will vote for Whomever is passing out “Justice:” free benefits, free medical coverage, free protection, free passage, and free money. That is to say: they will vote Democrat.

Democrats will garner votes. With a massive, Communist organization, Democrats will drive to the polls the homeless, illegals, and mentally retarded. They will suck in these votes, among others. They will pay money where they have to.

Democrats will cheat and steal. They have a history of “finding votes,” as needed. For Democrats, it seems that exactly the right number of votes often turn up, as needed. These “votes” are found stacked in “abandoned” desks, in car trunks, in school houses—wherever they are needed.

This is the Communist way. The way of dictators. The way of Totalitarian Rule. The way to subjugate you.

“Socialism” sounds much nicer, yes.

But I am certain the Democrat Partei (German) is really a totalitarian Communist instrumentality of world domination. No surprise.

Are you surprised?

Totalitarian Rule and World Domination is usual and “normal” for Communists.

You can look that up.

You can look up a lot of things online.

But, you’d better do it while you still can. Internet Moguls (“Silicon Valley”) apparently feel obligated to restrict what you are “allowed” to actually know.

Instead, they shove a lying, contrived, scripted, left wing, Hollywood, Communist,  Media, Matrix, fake philosophy into your bodily orifices.

THE MATRIX – https://cdn3.movieweb.com

They CREATE and CONTROL your world view.

They control what you are allowed to see. They control what you are allowed to hear. They control what you are allowed to know.

So– before Internet Moguls like Facebook, MSNBC, Yahoo, Google, and all the rest of them, take all the rest of it away from you–you can still do your own research online.

But you will have to work for it, because they seem to openly make it as hard and obscure as they can.

Other search engines and utilities are still available. But you will have to act fast. Because the Democrat, Vast, Totalitarian Tsunami is very well organized. And restrictive.

They have the power to influence and redirect thinking and living.

Thanks to their so-called, “ANTIFA,” the Left are also now also considered armed and dangerous.

ANTIFA, PHILLY – http://www.puppetstringnews.com

Do your own research and then vote however you want to vote.

However, it is apparently already “understood” by Democrats that: “This Time,” they cannot allow themselves to loose. They can NOT allow Trump to win, they believe. And that they will not “recognize” such a world.

Yet, if Democrats–Communists–don’t steal the election, or even disrupt it entirely–via rioting, fire bombs, civil war, coup, impeachment of Trump, “identity” violence, murders, assassination–then maybe America, Conservatism, Trump, and YOU, can still win.