Stephen King’s Pennywise – A Writer’s Personal Nightmare, Now InSide Your Skull, Equals CONTROL.


I watch YouTube, and so I get to see new commercials for things they are trying to sell, like cars, food, places, and things strange and “re-imagined.”


The commercials seem to consist of off-the-chart tricks, like bright colors, loud noises, barely recognizable music, jumpy cgi, amped up action, people doing things I can’t fathom, and words and slogans that seem to make no sense.

Sometimes these “commercials” are geared to what Young Skulls Full Of Cow Flop may play in video games, what they may reference as important events (as in, some Kardashian buys a dress), or what they may have seen in movies, on TV, or on the Internet.

A new language is apparently born–based on corrupted, chopped, abbreviated “English” used in texting, via the center of their world: the cellphone.

Cellphone “content” (Everything they see and “know”) is managed or “curated” by the Masters and Owners of Silicon Valley. New Information and Reality Oligarchs.

Silicon Valley



the area in northern California, southwest of San Francisco…where many of the high-technology design and manufacturing companies in the semiconductor industry are concentrated.




to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content: “We curate our merchandise with a sharp eye for trending fashion,” the store manager explained.

These carefully scripted and curated YouTube commercials I’m talking about, set new standards for “reality.” I mean, if you are, say, 10 years old, then you probably believe what you see on the screen is true. You think it’s reality. That’s what they want you to think. That’s how they can better control you 🙂

On that commercialized screen, “Blacks” and “whites” mix in all activities and love each other. Any group activity consists of all races mingling happily and with great friendship. Women and Gays often lead the pack in fun and morality. Supergirl, Angelina Joli, and Captain Marvel are leftist babes who can kick the ass of any evil, rotten, toxically testosteroninzed male.

Man Bad.

Woman good

Big Business and big Corporation are running left. They will never go back. They are here to stay–unless their leadership is changed.

Because they are run by leftists who already learned in schools and universities about the Glories of communism and socialism. Maybe their nannies taught them in Spanish, so they feel more Citizens Of The World, than Americans.

The leftier they can be–and the fastester they can get there–the better Off the world will be, they seem to think. Former normals like Nike, Dicks, Walmart, The NBA, and the NFL. New Corporate endeavors, and up-and-comers–all seem to run Left.

Hollywood especially Has plunged left. It seems every new movie in a major franchise is now “woke,” preachy, and all kinds of shove. One-by-one, they seem to fail. Star Wars, shot itself down. James Bond is now a wrecked, married pussy, and 007 is a “black” woman.

Some characters are Gay, or “transgender,” Or Whatever–but in the fantastical, unreality of a Hollywood mold. Let’s see how that all works out.

Together, Bro….

Mutants, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and other superheroes can’t do a damn thing Alone anymore. They no longer save the world or fight crime alone. They join GROUPS who save the world and fight crime. Because, why?

Because, it seems– “It Takes A Village…We Are Stronger Together…” and other propagandized, shouted, communist-socialist ideas of what’s “good” or what’s “bad.”

Orange Man Bad.

Stalin Good.

All of us–and all of you–CLEARLY.

WE ALL need to be managed and told what to do–by groups of our superiors–by money guys, leftists, globalists, Silicon Valley, curators of reality, Socialists, elites, and Totalitarian Communist Rulers.

Now, do you get it?